Part Two - 15 - Allan

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"Captain Allan Roy's log, entry...whatever. This week has been...really challenging. We landed on Manticora three days ago, to sell our last cargo. Everything went well...until the moment to leave. I got led at gunpoint by a pair of blonde demons, who forced me to take them on board. They said they needed a job, and didn't let me refuse. Now those damn twins are camping in the main room of my ship, eating my food, rubbing their butts on my new couch. Fine. They want a job? I will give them one! Let's see how long those babyfaces can survive the scavengers' life. Log entry over."

When Allan entered in Kala's quarters, the sight was unnerving. All the plants in the room seemed to be breathing. They were actually moving, growing, and then suddenly wilting, over and over again, as if stuck in a weird time loop. He knew why, he could feel it in the air, it left an aftertaste in his mouth. Kala's energy was all over the place. He could feel it caress his skin, trying to enter his system. Unnerving wasn't a strong enough word to describe it.

"This is creepy," he said out loud.

He walked to the bed where the girl was laying. She was matted in sweat, her eyes closed as she trashed in the sheets. At her side were sitting the twins.

"She started to lose it an hour ago," said Moira "And now she doesn't even answer anymore. We think she is hallucinating. She keeps talking to people that aren't there, members of her old family back on R-607."

"The fever?" asked Jessie behind him.

"We've been taking her temperature every now and then, it keeps climbing. She is at 66 degrees celsius now."

The captain's jaw dropped.

"That's impossible, no human can survive with such a fever," he said.

"Well, Kala isn't a normal human is she?" said Memphis. "She has always been on the warmer side; her blood runs at 50 degrees when she isn't sick. So, we weren't that surprised. The problem is, nothing is normal when it comes to Kala. We don't know what to expect; we don't know her limits. And her breathing has become difficult, you can hear her lungs struggling."

His voice was shaking slightly, and the captain realized how worried they were. It made him uneasy. The twins were the lighthearted and playful members of his crew. When even they got worried, it meant the rest of them were supposed to panic.

"We aren't qualified to help her," said Jessie. "The only person on board that could is the person actually sick right now."

At that moment, Kala let out a low groan, and the ship jolted again as a wave of energy escaped her body.

"It's getting worse," said Moira "We gave her a sedative, but it didn't work. Everything we gave her didn't work."

Allan came to kneel beside the bed. He put the tip of his fingers on the girl's cheek. She was insanely hot. He felt his whole arm tingle when in contact with her skin.

Suddenly, she convulsed, and the whole ship shook once again as if feeling her distress. The alarms all went off at once, red lights blinking in the passageways.

This is bad. They were in deep space, if anything went wrong with the Capricieuse, they would all be dead in an instant. And even if the ship resisted, Kala might not.

"Jessie. Change course, we're going back to Charleston-XV," he said while standing up. "Now."

His pilot didn't ask questions nor wasted a second. She ran to the cockpit.

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