Chapter 24

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You ever get that feeling that your relationship is hanging in the balance if something drastic doesn't happen?

Well, lately I've had that feeling. It's been an entire week since the almost kiss and I haven't had the courage to tell Spencer. I mean, nothing happened so is it really necessary to tell her?

You'll be happy to know that I've given myself rides to and from school all week. Not that Emily and I aren't friends anymore, we still talk at school but I've decided that the spending the night and picking me up for school was too much after what happened.

I guess it's my fault really. I knew there was sexual tension there and I let it build up instead of stopping it as soon as it started.

Can you blame me though? Emily's not only hot, but she's a really great friend and I didn't want to lose her. Like I said, her and Katie and I guess now Jodi are the only friends I have here.

You'll also be happy to know I've made time to call Spencer and actually have conversations with her. Not that weak crap we'd been having prior to this week.

"Please mom." I beg for like the hundredth time. I've begged all week for her to let me go see Spencer for Thanksgiving break.

"I still think that's too far for you to be traveling by yourself, Ashley." She tells me for the hundredth time.

"I'm sixteen mom!" I say getting up from the stool. "I wish you would start treating me like it." I stomp off up to my room. I know you may say, oh how bratty of her. But if Spencer was your girlfriend you'd understand.

It's hard enough that we don't talk as much as I'd like to. Now my mom won't even let me go see her. I'm gonna lose my mind if I have to sit here all week and miss her. Currently, I'm steering clear of my friends outside of school. I know that Katie didn't do anything but you invite Katie and you get an Emily/Katie combo. So I'm gonna be bored and alone for a whole week.

Kill me now.

I grab my phone off my nightstand and text Spencer.

'What are you doing baby?'

'Besides missing you...nothing.' See how cute she is. Ugh!

'I miss you more.' I tell her honestly.

'I asked my mom if I could come see you.' I read and my heart jumps. 'She said no.' I get a few seconds later. Oh.

'I guess I can't blame her after what you did last time.' I send with a smiley face.

'I did it for you and I'd do it again.' She texts back and I can't help but smile. Maybe I should...who am I kidding? My dad would send the entire army to drag me back.

'I'm sorry my parents won't let me go there.' I tell her with a sad face.

'I don't really blame them.' Is all she text back. I sigh and toss my phone on the bed beside me. ye

"Mom!" I yell as I get up and make my way downstairs.

"Why are you yelling Ashley?" My mom asks coming out of the kitchen.

"Because I'm angry." I tell her as I make my way down the stairs.

"Okay." Is all she says before turning around and going back in the kitchen.

What the... I tell her I'm angry and she goes back to doing what ever she was doing.

Ugh! Parents.

"Mom seriously." I say as I walk into the kitchen.

"Seriously what Ashley?" She asks, turning from washing dishes to look at me.

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