2. No (many) tears

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  Alices POV (Point of view):

Alice woke up, because someone was screaming. After 10 seconds she realised, her throat was sore and dry. Tears started coming out of her eyes. Her mouth let out a silent "Why?". Why did she deserve this?
   Alice went downstairs and something caught her eye. A family photo with her, Hal, Betty and Polly. Anger filled her head and heart. Her hands ripped the photo apart with anger, shame, guilt and pain. She wanted to let go her past, which was haunting her and Betty every single day. The photo was ripped to shreds and she felt peace in her mind. She fell asleep next to the photo.
   A knock woke her up. Someone was at her door and she didn't want to open. Social interactions weren't on her to-do list today. She stood up and looked at the shredded photo. Pain struck her whole body and tears started forming in her eyes. She quickly wiped them away and went to open the front door.
   Fred was standing in front of her. His face was confused and he asked the question.

   -Have you been crying?

   Alice just stood there and looked at her long time neighbor. He triggered another pain wave about her ex-husband. She started crying and almost screamed. Fred's hands wrapped around her and pulled her into a hug. Alice could calm down only after 15 minutes of crying. Fred let her go and told her the news.

   -Alice, there is a big party tonight. Everyone is coming to celebrate the town's anniversary. Just please come, I will help you get through it.

   Alice understood, that she had to go. Her reputation couldn't be destroyed by her past. Not even a serial killer could destroy her. Only she herself could destroy it.
   She looked at her watch and saw how late it was. 3 o'clock. Everything was a mess.

   -Oh shit, when will it start?
   -6 o'clock.
   -Well, then I better start getting ready. Thank you Fred, for everything.

   She smiled at Fred and closed the door. It was a fake smile and she would have to put it on for all evening. That wasn't hard to do. She had done it all the time.
   She went upstairs and looked at all her makeup. All her pink lipsticks and mascara. A red lipstick caught her eye and she decided she would put that one on. It didn't remind her of her past. She always wore pink lipstick, so this was a positive change. A positive drop in the sea of negative.
   Her closet was full of Northsider clothes. She hated the thought, that Hal bought them. She couldn't even look at her own clothes. She just picked a black leather dress and black high heels. These clothes weren't her ordinary choice, but nothing was ordinary anymore. Her life was a mess, but she wouldn't show it. Not even to herself.
   Her blue truck was standing in her garage. Hal's blue truck. She said to herself "No tears, be strong". So she stepped in the truck and drove away. Drove away from her past. Only that she had to return.

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