Me! The school slut!?!? Yeah right....(Chapter 2)

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We pulled into the parking lot of the school, and as soon Chase parked the car, he hopped out.

Great, I thought. So much for my brother's help. I got out of the car and went to the back behind the driver's seat, pulling Liam out of his booster seat. As I picked him up and shut the door, I noticed a couple of people eyeing me. 

A girl not too far away from my car whispered snobbishly. "Who is that? And why did she come out of Chase's car?" The girl standing next to her just shrugged, and they both glared at me with icy blue eyes. 

I also noticed some of the guys around me checking me out; I didn't care. Not to be a snob, but I was pretty used to it. I had inherited all of mom's good genes, and it showed.

My wavy, rich brown hair reached my shoulders. I had warm brown eyes and a natural tan that I had inherited from my dad. My body was curvy in all the right places, and I had long, toned legs despite my inathleticism. I had a good metabolism, and I'd heard a lot of girls my own age call me a skinny bitch at Uncle Sal's. I'd quickly learned that boys would always lust after me, and girls would always glare at me. There was nothing new about seeing the hate and lust here in high school.

Liam began whining as soon as I set him down on the pavement. "Mommy, can you carry me in to the school? I'm still tired," he mumbled, rubbing sleep from his eyes.

I sighed, picking him up. I was unable to resist the adorable expression on his face. "Fine, but remember I'm not going to carry you tomorrow," I warned. The other people around me gasped. 

Off in the distance, I heard someone mutter, " You think Chase.....with her..... Maybe... I've done it with him, so I guess if he could fall for a slut like that...." 

I blushed out of embarrassment at the first comment. They thought Chase had sex with me? That was just sick and nasty. I wanted nothing to do with my brother's filthy sex life. I shuddered.


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