Part 7 : Salmon run

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Kate took Cray by the hand and walked to a big building with orange signs and banners on it. Cray got a sudden bad deja vu as he looked at the building.

"Why are we going in here?" Cray stuttered, backing away a bit.

"This is where I do work" Kate explained "it's called grizzco's".

"So grizzco's is a fishing place?" Said Cray.

"Yeah, when I found you on the beach I was doing my work shift" Kate replied "I guess they brought you here because they thought you were treasure or something... I dunno really".

"If it's a fishing place then why is it called 'Salmon run'?" Cray asked.

Kate shrugged...

"Oh" Said Cray.

"Do you want me to tell you how to do it?" Kate asked nicely.

"Nah, I've been fishing a lot of times before" Cray replied with self confidence.

"You've been fishing before?" Kate asked in confusion.

"Yeah, back home I used to catch fish all the time" Cray said being very chuffed with himself as he started to count with his fingers "I caught Trout, Bass, Carp, Perch, Catfish... especially Salmon. I used to have it all the time with maple syrup........ yummy.......".

"Eww... syrup?" Kate felt a bit sick from the combination.

"What are you talking about?" Cray was unusually shocked by Kate's response "that's like the best combination on earth, I love fish!".

"Then I guess you'll fit the job description perfectly" Kate replied "follow me..."


Kate dragged Cray into the building and just as they did a gate that looked much like a garage door closed the exit behind them...

The room was mostly orange with fishing rods, nets, fishing crates and other things you'd get from a fishing boat...

In the middle of the room was a weird looking wooden statue that was shaped like a bear with a Salmon in its mouth and was placed on top of a table in the centre of the room...

The room was silent with no background ambience whatsoever which made it rather uncomfortable.

Kate stood idle looking at her phone for the time but didn't make any sound.

Cray on the other hand walked slowly around the place looking at his surroundings...

The silence caused chills to pulse through his body. He noticed the bear shaped statue and approached it.

"This room is very creepy" Cray shivered "hmm... this is a weird looking thing to be in a fishing room. What does it do?".

Cray then poked the statue a couple of times...

The statue suddenly started talking which made Cray jump and almost topple backwards.

"AAAAAAAAAAAH!" Cray screamed...

"Hello? hello?" the statue started to speak "is this thing on?".

The connection of the statue was rather unfocused as the faulty connection caused the voice to sound slightly static.

"If you're hearing this then chances looking that you've just made it in time for work" the statue spoke again "to any new comers. My name is Mr.grizz. The Owner of salmon run, Grizzco industries etc. etc.".

"Who is he supposed to be?" Cray hid behind an object because the radio scared him.

"Not sure... no one has ever seen him before in person" said Kate.

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