below his mouth (1d)3/5

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harry- moans and screams are all you hear, surrounding the dark and now hot room. Harry was someone you met a few years ago and you have been best friends ever since but when harry got married everything changed... "Fuck harry!" you yelled. "you like that kitten?" harry groaned out, harry had been fingering you so hard and even though it hurt alittle bit you didn't want him to ever stop. "i'm gonna cum sir please let me cum" you moaned out and threw your head back. "go ahead kitten cum for me" he said back, moving his fingers a tiny bit faster. "ugh fuck!" you yelled as you came, it took you a second to get your breath back but when you did you pushed harry down and started to pull his boxers down. "y/n you know i told you i'm good for tonight." he said watching your little movements. "yea but i want to." you smirked at him, you grabbed his shaft and sucked on the tip and kitten licked it, you can hear him groaning and moaning your name and to stop teasing so that's what you did. you started deepthroating him and held him there for a few seconds and pulled your head back up. "ohhhhh mmmmm." he moaned and he grabbed your hair to take more control. "you gonna cum for me sir?" you began using your hand and looking up at him. "oh god yes." he moaned eyes screwed shut, you started to suck him again and you felt his cock twitch and knew he was close, you brought him all the way down to your throat and left him there and felt his hot cum spurt down your throat. "for fucks sake, you never fail huh y/n?" harry moaned you and pulled you next to him so your laying on his chest. "y/n you know i love you right? i don't care about my wife, i want you and not just for sex but because i do genuinely love you." harry said as he caressed your cheek with his thumb and staring into your eyes. "i love you too harry." you gave him a little kiss on the lips before pulling away. "so then that's it i'll divorce her, i only love you." he said straddling you. "ok baby." you told him and pulled him down for a sweet,passionate, loving kiss.

liam- you were at dinner with liam your boyfriend and the rest of 1d, none of the 1d boys brought their girlfriends because they simply couldn't make it out tonight but since i don't have plans or many friends i decided to come out with them. throughout the dinner you kept your hand on liam's thigh, he didn't think much of it until you inched higher and higher to the point you were centimeters away from his dick. "y/n not now." he growled into your ear but that only made you smirk, the boys weren't paying attention to you two so this gave you a perfect opportunity to go under the table. "y/n what're you doing ?" he whispered as he watched you. "you'll see daddy." you winked at him, you started to unbuckle his belt and he pulled his underwear down just enough to get his cock out, you licked it from the vein to his tip and started sucking on the tip. "fuck!" you heard liam jump and the boys asking if he was ok. "hey mate where'd y/n go?" you heard louis ask, just at this moment you then deepthroated him knowing it would be difficult to talk. "she-oh w-went to-fuck- um s-she went t-to the car r-real quick." liam tried so hard to keep it in. you then heard a fork clattering against the floor and see harry's face look right at yours. you took liam out your mouth and told him to keep it a secret and then winked. "for fucks sake." you hear harry say. liam's cock then started to twitch and you felt him bucking his hips up for your throat again and that's what you did, he cums and you swallowed the whole thing and wait for it to be clear to come back from under the table, when you come to the table the boys aren't paying attention. "hey guys sorry i took long." you said as you came into view again. the boys looked at you and waved it off. "you just wait till we get home." liam said into your ear and you instantly started smiling.

zayn- "i wanna try something new." you told zayn. "go ahead baby." he told you back. Zayn was your english teacher and you two developed an intimate relationship but obviously kept it a secret. "what you gonna try?" he asked looking into your eyes. "i wanna go below your mouth this time." you whisper kissing down his stomach and closer to his dick. "baby you know you don't need to." he said starting to get concerned. "i know but we've never fucked and you never let me please you." you started pulling at his skinny jeans. "just pleasing you is pleasure enough." he said helping you out alittle with his pants. "well from the looks of it, your not telling me to stop in fact your helping out a bit." you winked at him, you pulled his underwear down and see a huge ass length and stare at it in awe. "baby you ok?" he asked you. "just the sight of this makes me so wet." you moaned out. you grabbed his shaft and started to suck it immediately. "oh fuck baby." he moaned out me grabbed your hair into a pony tail. you kept sucking until you said. "i want you to fuck my throat." he then took your head and started fucking your mouth. "ugh yes you take my cock so fucking well y/n!" he yelled and went alittle deeper. you knew he was close so you started playing with his balls and felt them tighten, you then felt his warm cum down your throat, you grabbed him by the waist to still him and get every last drop out, he pulled out of your mouth with a hiss. "i want you to fuck me now." you said to him getting on his bed and opening your legs. "wait baby, let me go below your mouth too."

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