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"Your boobs look-" Sarah begins.

"Shut up, I know!" Leslie laughs. "I fed Theo before I left, they look massive."

"They look juicy," Sarah jokes, making a seductive facial expression.

"Ew, please stop." Emma intervenes. "Look, there's a free table. Let's go."

The music blasts loudly as they walk through the bar. Sitting down, Leah asks the barman for the drinks. "A lemonade for me!" Leslie reminds her. "Is it weird that I feel like I don't belong in these bars anymore?"

"Yes, fuck yes. You do belong here." Sarah says. "Just because you're a new mom doesn't mean you have to stop having fun."

"That's what we're supposed to do though. Stay home. Clean poop. Get your nipples painfully sucked. Repeat." She explains, giving the barman a smile as he puts the lemonade in front of her. "I can't believe he's almost 6 months old."

"Well, that's a part of motherhood you can't run away from," Emma rubs Les' shoulder. "Theo comes first but so do you. You'll learn to balance both."

"Hey, don't come with some psychology shit on me-" Leslie laughs. "But yeah, I hear you." She takes Emma's hand and caresses it as well.

"Talking about psychology!" Leah speaks after taking a sip of her martini. "How's work?"

"Good!" Emma says. "It's not what I wanted at first, but I want to save some money to open my own little office where I can receive my patients. Until then, I'll work at the school."

"No more work or baby talk!" Sarah shouts through the music. "Or married life talk." She frowns pointing at herself. "Tonight is about us only!"




"How hard is it to change a diaper, Chace?"

"Hard, Seb. Very hard-" Chace responds, annoyed. "He just peed on me!"

"Let us help!" Sebastian laughs, coming closer to Theo.

"Uh-Uh, I'm not getting pee on me," Bruno speaks. "I just came here to make fun of you both."

Chace turns his head around and mutters a 'fuck you'

"Okay," Sebastian takes another wipe and cleans the baby. "Now put the new diaper on and it's done."

"No baby powder?" Chace asks.

"Oh yeah, I forgot about that."

A few moments later, the boys finally finished changing Theo who's now happily laying on Sebastian's lap. 

"This is a blessing, you know?" Seb says moving his eyes in Chace's direction. 

"I know," he sighs. "I love this guy to death."

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sebastian:Boys' night is going amazing :) Hope you are all having fun

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Boys' night is going amazing :)
Hope you are all having fun

That's the cutest thing ever!

We are having a good time 😎

Good, you were needing it.
I love you too much

love you wayyyy much more

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