Chapter 17

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I don't own Voltron. Just the characters I've created. Which are Hailey Ito and Violet Summers.

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"Keith! Relax!" Lance whined as his soulmate panicked in the passenger seat.

"How am I suppose to relax Lance?!" Keith snapped. "I'm meeting your mother and sister for the first time! What if I say something and end up screwing it up?!"

Lance pulled over and turned in his seat to look at Keith.

"Baby just breath. You aren't going to screw it up." Lance soothed. "From the first time my mom has met you, she loved you! My sister is kind and hasn't stop bugging me to bring you over. So please relax. You have nothing to worry about."

Keith took a deep breath in. "You're right. Okay. I'm ready."

Lance leaned over, gave Keith a kiss on the cheek and continued driving.

"We should plan something." Lance said in deep thought.

"Like what?" Keith questioned.

"Something with everyone's families. You know?" Lance took one hand off the steering wheel and grabbing Keith's hand. "Like a barbecue or a beach day. Shiro's family, Hunks, Shays, Pidge and Matt, Hailey's, Adam's, and maybe even Violet and her family!"

"Lance, that's a great idea!" Keith exclaimed. "We should see when everyones available first and go on from there!"

"Let's talk to our moms first." Lance replied.

Lance pulled into his driveway only to see another car, one that he didn't recognize.

"Who else is here?" Lance mumbled to himself. "I don't recognize that car."

"Guess we'll just have to go in and find out." Keith said getting out if  the vehicle with Lance following his actions.

Walking into the house, Roberta was already on her way.

"Lance! You finally brought him over!" Roberta exclaimed with a smile rushing over to Keith. "Hello Keith. It's nice to finally meet you! I've heard so much about you!"

"Nice to finally meet you too! And I hope everything that was said was all good things!" Keith laughed.

"He wouldn't shut up about you!" A girl walked into the room with a boy trailing behind her. "I'm Veronica. Lance's older sister. This is Ryan. My soulmate. Ryan this is my younger brother Lance and his soulmate Keith."

"So you finally met the man huh hermana?" Lance asked with his pierced eyebrow raised.

"Lance please don-" Veronica was cut off by her brother.

"If you hurt my big sister I won't hesitate to come after you." Lance threatened.

"Lance!" Veronica blushed. "I'm sorry Ryan. Lance always acts like this."

"Its okay." Ryan chuckled. "Don't worry Lance. I won't touch a hair on her head."

"Si tanto la tocas de la manera equivocada, te cortaré las manos y te ataré a un palo. La lastimaré y te cortaré las bolas. (If you so much as touch her the wrong way I'll cut your hands off and tie you to a pole. Hurt her and I'll cut off your balls off." Lance threatened again.

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