Chapter Forty Seven

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It had been three weeks since that call. Those three weeks were nothing special at all. I woke up to an empty bed and had my usual routine. I had breakfast, watched TV and played on my phone. I talked to Malik once a day, and it was nothing special. I hated that. I felt alone. I hated that so much. I wanted someone to cuddle.

Those three weeks, I started gaining weight. I started eating more than usual and for some reasons I was too lazy to even exercise. There was that one time when I tried but I was in so much pain. I started feeling weird. I felt a bump in my stomach and it wasn't comfortable.

I woke up and went to the kitchen. I placed my food but as soon as I did, I ran to the bathroom vomiting. I wasn't fine. My phone rang, and I let it ring until I was presentable enough. I washed my mouth and then picked it up.

"Hello?!" I called.

"Hey, baby girl! Grace and your mother are on the way to our home. I know you're sick from being alone. I promise I will be home early. Everything is going my way finally. We got those two monsters. You will be fine," he said and I smiled. I was so glad to hear his voice. I missed it.

"I am so happy!" I said but my voice didn't sound as good as I wanted it to be.

"What's wrong, baby? You don't sound okay?!" he asked and I just smiled. I took a deep breath, "I just woke up."

I sighed and then said, "I am fine."

"You sure?!" he asked and I smiled and nodded.

"Yeah, when is Grace and mom coming?!" I asked changing the topic.

"On their way, call Grace if you need anything,"he said and I nodded. I would get a pregnancy test. I wasn't stupid. I had sex, and it wasn't protected. I hadn't had my period and my stomach is growing. Morning sickness could have been what I felt also.

"Okay, I will call her," I said coldly.

"I am sorry for hurting you the other day. Can we talk it through today?!" I smiled and nodded.

"Yes, we can!" I said and in fact, I had a lot of things to say if my assumption was in place.

"Yeah," he said and I smiled.

"Anyway, I gotta go. I love you," he said and smiled.

"Yeah, see you! Love you too," I said and smiled. I took a deep breath and then called Grace.

"Hey, girl! Finally remembered your best friend. I can't blame you. Malik can wash your brain as usual. I can't believe that you guys are together."

"Yeah, neither do I.  Just please do that one thing for me, I need you to buy me a pregnancy test. I have been eating a lot and this is so fucked up," I said in the tears. I was too stressed as what ifs ran in my mind and that was dangerous.

"What?!" she yelled on the other side of the phone.

"What's wrong?!" I heard mom's voice asking.

"Brianna, you're on speaker," she said and I sighed.

"I need you to buy me a pregnancy test," I requested again.

"What the fuck?!" I heard mom yelling. That made me more stressed.

"Why do you think that?!" Grace was the first to ask.

"I lost my virginity to Malik few weeks ago after he proposed to me. I am so scared. We had a fight and I didn't see him for sometime, but I am having a bump and I am eating a lot. I even vomited my life out this morning. Please,Grace, please, mom I know you're mad at me, but please, I need you the most right now," I pleaded. I couldn't take it. I was crying and I couldn't control it. I didn't know what Malik would do when he gets to know that I was pregnant.

He might hate me and the kid and leave us to burn. No! No! Malik loved me! He wouldn't do such a thing to me. He loved me. He would love our kid as well. But, he had been distant lately.... No, we would talk through it.

"Okay, but we are having a talk!" she said and then she said, "Tristan, stop the car now! Bye, Brianna!"

I nodded and then ended the call. I sat on the bed and brought my knees to me. I started crying. I couldn't handle it. Did I have to be such a fool?! My mother must have been disappointed in me. I was pregnant. I didn't know what to do. I didn't even know how I would tell Malik. He could hate me.

After some time, I heard a knock. I looked at the time and half an hour had already passed. I opened the door and hugged the two women that meant the most to me. I cried and then mom said, "Calm down, everything will be alright. I am right here. I am right next to you."

I hugged her tighter and cried even more.  I disappointed her. I knew it. She was always proud because I hadn't lost my virginity to a random guy. However, now I was pregnant. The father wasn't a random guy, but still.... I lost it before marriage. I felt dirty. I loved Malik and I knew that he was the one but....  I didn't know.

"Calm down, baby! It's not good for your health, look here's the pregnancy test. Do it, and then we will talk. Did you tell Malik about your doubts?!" mom asked and kissed my cheek. I shook my head no.

"Okay! Here you go!" she said and gave it to me. I entered the bathroom and followed whatever was on the paper. I came out and it was positive. I cried harder. I was truly pregnant. I felt better when it was just lame doubts. I showed it to mom and Grace and they both hugged.

"Calm down! It's not good for the baby," mom said and I just cried at the mention of it. I didn't want to be pregnant. I was just twenty. I wasn't ready for a family. I would probably mess things up. Plus, Malik and I never talked about a family this soon.

"I fucked this up," I said and cried. I held into mom and Grace all day. They were trying to cheer me. Succeeding at some points. They managed to get me to eat and we talked.

Mom said that I should tell Malik about my pregnancy. He was the father and he had all the rights to know. She also said that she respected that I was pregnant.

"I am angry. I admit, but baby watching you grow up and having your own family is so important to me. You chose Malik. You chose to love him and give your first time to him. You even agreed to marry him. I still want all the details of that day, but I am so proud of you. Your father told me everything about what happened. I was engaged to someone else, so we had a divorce, but in general, we are cool now. He told me all the details and everything that happened. Derek, the incident, Roman, Malik, Alex and everything else. I told Grace and here we are. Malik sent us as a sorry for that fight that you had. He didn't want you to be alone. He loves you. It's obvious," Mom said and I hugged her with a wide smile. Tears were still falling out of my eyes.

"It was my birthday. He woke me up and we talked. He said that he had a long day ahead of us. He started taking care of me. He took me to a restaurant and he rented the place for us. We started playing and talking until it was evening. The dark sky shone above us. Everything was so much fun. Fireworks were shinning and it said, "I love you, Brianna". He made a speech and then proposed. I couldn't say no. I love him," I said and they both smiled at me.

"That night, I lost my virginity," I said and mom sighed and nodded. She kissed my forehead and then said, "Now, we have to prepare everything. You have to tell Malik and we have to make it special. He is gonna love that baby. I promise."

"Yeah, I agree. You guys are the cutest couple ever," Grace added.

"Thank you," I said. We started making plans on ways to tell Malik. Anxiety wasn't helping me as I always feared for the worst. However, I managed to enjoy the moment. Malik had one hell of a surprise waiting at his front door.

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