1 | One Night

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" I lost my baby, can I make an announcement? " Jin asked the receptionist at the counter and she nodded, handing him the microphone.

" Taehyung baby, where are you? Daddy is here looking for you. " Jin's voice echoed around the mall.

" Thank you, miss. " Jin smirked, handing back the microphone.

Taehyung quickly ran to Seokjin as soon as he saw him, " YAH! Why did you do that?! It's embarrassing you old man! " Taehyung slapped Jin's chest.

" Do I look like I care? Now, Kim Taehyung. Your friends asked me to look after you, so you're under my care for tonight. Understand? " Seokjin smirked his evil smirk.

" Why did I even think to agree putting myself under a care of a pervert? " Taehyung sighed heavily.

" Only you have the answer, sweetie. Now let's go. "

" Eww! Don't call me that! " Taehyung cringed.

" Then what should I call you? Candy? You prefer that? "

" Ugh, fuck you. " Taehyung cursed.

" Ohh babyboy can't wait until we reach home, huh? "

" What the hell?! Go fuck yourself. " Taehyung stomped out of the mall and went straight into the car.

" So where do you want to go now? " Jin asked he got in the car.

" Home. "

" Your home or my home? " Jin asked seductively, leaning in.

" O-of course, my home! "

Gay Panic? Yes. Blushing? More than ever. Hotel? Trivago.

Seokjin cooed, " Why are you so cute? " Jin ruffled Taehyung's dark blue hair.

Jin started the engine and drove them straight to Taehyung's house, " We're here, baby. "

" Thanks for the day. " Taehyung said as he was about to get out of the car.

" Nah ah, not so fast. " Jin stopped him.

" What do you want? " Taehyung sighed.

" A kiss would be great. "

" Dream on. " Taehyung sneaky ass quickly get out of the car and ran into his house.

" An interesting one, perhaps. " Jin smirked and drove off from the house.

You're probably wondering who is he right? Well,

Kim Seokjin, a successful CEO in the morning and a whole world class sugar daddy at night.

1. One baby, one night.

2. Never fall for them.

That's the rules.

He had never broke the rule until he met this Kim Taehyung, who will probably be the cause of it.

Jin layed himself on the couch, " New baby? " His bestfriend, Yoongi said.

" A pretty one for sure. " Jin said, smiling widely at the ceiling.

" You're whipped. "

" I don't know, really. " He sat up and faced his bestfriend.

" Maybe you don't but I do. What's his name? " Yoongi asked, sucking on his lollipop.

" Kim Taehyung. "

" Sounds manly. " He complimented.

" But a whole ass babyboy. " Jin said in a dreamy voice.

" Yup, 100 percent whipped. "

" Me? Whipped? Haha never. That is against my rules. " Jin faked a laugh.

" Rules, rules, rules. Listen hyung, if you're still going to stick to your stupid rules trust me you will never get married. "

" Whatever, Yoongi. I'm going to sleep, see you tomorrow. "

Jin plopped on his bed with a heavy sigh, " You're not in love with him right? Kim Seokjin? " He asked himself until he fell asleep.

" Morning, Sir. " A stuff greeted him as he walked to his office.

" Morning. " He replied with a smile, he could hear the stuff squeling over him.

Yes, even all of the stuffs there were crazy for him. Who wouldn't fall for Worldwide Handsome like him?

" Hobi, follow me. " He said to his personal assistant as they walked in to his office.

" Why are you so happy today? " Hoseok asked, looking at his boss from up to down.

" Am I? Huh? I don't know. Maybe because of your sunshine aura." Jin joked, turning on his laptop.

" So what can I do for you? " Hoseok asked.

" Cancel all of my meetings for today and tell everyone that I don't want to be disturb except for something that is really important. "

" Ay Ay, captain. See you later. " Hoseok said as he left the room.

Not after 1 minutes later, Hoseok knocked back on the door.

" Someone is here to meet you. " Hoseok said.

" Who? " He asked, annoyed.

" Your beloved Park Jimin! " Jimin jumped in the room.

Jin chuckled as he saw his step-brother appeared out of nowhere and almost gave Hoseok a heart attack.

" Yah! You little mochi! " Hoseok scolded him.

" Oops, sorry hyung. " Jimin giggled.

" You can go now, Hobi. Looks like my little brother has something really important to tell me. " Jin closed his laptop and focused on his sweet brother.

" So? Why are you here, spoiled brat?" Jin asked.

" Yah! Hyungiee!! "

" Okay okay, what is it? "

" You need my help. " Jimin said, grinning mischievously.

" Huh? I need your help? What do you mean? " Jin asked in confusion.

" Yoongi hyung told me everything about you falling in love with a boy. Now, who is it? "

" Yah! Why- he's lying. I am not in love, Jiminie. "

" Really? Then who is this Kim Taehyung guy, huh? " Jimin asked, showing him a picture of Taehyung and him together at the mall last night.

" He's just my toy for last night, nothing more. "

" Um are you sure? " Jimin teased him.

" Park Jimin, stop this. " Jin rolled his eyes.

" Not until you admit that you're in love."

" Um hello? " As Jimin and Jin was too busy in their conversation, they didn't realized that there was a figure standing there.

" Taehyung? "



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