Jade and Selina left old home Pikes

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Jade and Selina had finally settled down over the necklace thing

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Jade and Selina had finally settled down over the necklace thing.  They went back to the old routine, in the house.  Trying most days to avoid Joe and Cal.  While they were making bomb's and doing jobs they were fine.  But when they were home.  Life was hell for the girls.  They were spoken to with foul language.  They were all ordered around.  All except Jade.  She was even invited to sit on Joe's knee at night.  While he and Cal played poker.  Jade now was quite the poker player.  

"You know Selina, you and Jade would be better off out of here." Taylor said to her one day.  "And go where?" Selina asked.  "On to the streets Selina.  I think your chances of survival would be a lot better." Taylor whispered to her one night.  "But we have no cash, no where to stay." Selina said.  "I know, but if ya don't find somewhere and soon.  You will both be facing worse than what is out there." Taylor said.  "Do you think?" Selina asked.  "Yeah look at em with Jade.  How much longer is it going to be.  Before Joe or Cal do something Selina?  Bridget and I are reasonably safe.  They think of us as family.  But you and Jade are not." Taylor said.  Selina watched Jade as she laughed with the boys.  Yes it was time.  Mrs Pike by now they knew was very sick.  The only reason the boys let her stay.  Is because of Taylor and Bridget.  Selina knew the writhing was on the wall.  She had to find somewhere for her and Jade.  And it had to be soon.  

About a week later, Taylor came to Selina in her bed.  "Selina, Selina, wake up." Taylor called to her shaking her.  "Yes, what?" Selina said sleep still in her head.  "It's time Selina.  You and Jade have to go." Taylor said with urgency.  "What?  Oh now?" Selina asked eyes wide with shock.  Tears rolled down Taylor's face as she nodded.  Selina hugged her.  "Here I have saved ya some money.  It aint much.  But it will help ya." Taylor said stuffing the money into Selina's hand.  "OK.  I will wake Jade." Selina said.  "Don't tell her, not just yet." Taylor said.  "I won't." Selina said.  "I'm sorry Selina.  I can protect Bridget, but I can't protect Jade.  I am sorry.  Now go and don't ever look back.  Remember we love you very much." Taylor said hugging her just one more time.  "Tell Bridget we said bye." Selina said before she jumped from her bunk down to wake Jade.  

Within half an hour the girls were gone.  It was as if they had never even been there.  Jade was excited, she was taking her toys and cloths for a walk.  They were going to a new home.  Jade could not understand why she could not say goodbye.  Not to Taylor, Bridget, or even Joe and the boys.  But the excitement of loving without the threat of Joe felt good even to Jade.  "Where is the new place?" Jade asked.  "We will be there soon." Selina said.  She had been casing the baboon buildings.  Some of the top floor apartments were still empty.  Maybe they could squat there for a time.  Selina found one that was not to shabby.  No one lived in this particular building.  It was mainly Junkies.   But Selina thought that she and Jade could handle them.  Maybe they would even become friends.  Maybe not she thought.  They climbed to the top.  No one here.  They were all in the lower parts.  Selina took Jade into the apartment.  It was huge.  "I want to share a bedroom with ya.  I am a little scared being here Sena." Jade said.  "It's alright, I think the room will be big enough for the two of us." Selina said.  

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