Butch Gilzean Watching God Daughters New home

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A few weeks later a man come to visit the Pepper house.  "Butch what do you want?"Mario asked when he opened the door.  "Ah Mario, always thinking the worst." Butch said.  "With you coming to visit, i know it is." Mario said glaring at the man.  "Ah come on, Mario aint ya going to invite me in?" Butch asked with a smile.  "Why?" Mario asked.  "Well Miss Mooney would like to send her regards to your two new daughters.  So would I." Butch said.  Mario stood there taken back.  In shock he opened the door.  Alice stood by the girls.  "Morning Mrs Pepper.  How are you today?" Butch asked like he was a friend.  "Mr Gilzean." Alice said watching him.  "Aw ya don't have to be so formal.  Miss Mooney sends her regards to you." Butch said.  Alice nodded.  Butch reached into his jacket.  Alice stepped in front of the girls.  Mario came and stood with her.  "Trust me if I wanted to take the girls, I would.  This is a social visit.  Miss Mooney wanted you to have this.  For the girls." Butch said handing them an envelope full of money.  Both Mario and Alice stood there looking at the envelope like it was a snake.  

"So do ya want it or not?" Butch asked with a smile.  Mario took the money.  "Tell Miss Mooney thank you." Alice said remembering her manners.   "So can I see the girls now.  Miss Mooney will ask if I have." Butch said looking from one to the other.  Alice and Mario looked at each other.  They moved aside.  Butch moved in over the bassinets.  "Aint they just adorable.  What did ya call them?" Butch asked as he watched the sleeping babies.  "Ivy and Harleen." Alice said.  "Pretty names.  Are they good girls?" Butch asked.  "What do you mean?" Mario asked.  He glared at Butch.  Butch smiled.  "You really do have the most devious mind Pepper." Butch said.  "Do you blame me?" Mario asked.   "I guess not.  But I was asking about how they sleep, feed is there any problems with their health?" Butch asked.  "Why do you want to know?" Mario asked.  "Just wanting to know if ya need help with the medical and things.  Means nothing to me." Butch said to Mario.  They stood in silence for a time.

"So can I hold em?" Butch asked.  "They are fine.  No problems.  Here is Harleen." Alice said handing the baby to the huge man who stood before her.  Butch took the small little baby in his arms.  He cuddled her.  She even opened her eyes for a moment.  Before she shit her nappy.  "Oh I thinks she needs you." Butch said as he handed the baby back.  "Thank you." Alice said taking the baby from him.  "So now ya have seen them, what are ya waiting for.  A cup of tea?" Mario asked Butch.  Butch sighed as he stood there watching them.  "I know Harleen aint yours Pepper.  Don't forget I have my ear to the ground." Butch said.  The look on Mario's face was the look of a man in shock.  "She is mine.  Alice and I had twins." Mario said.  "Look we all know that is Nick Quinzel's girl.  I don't want to beat around the bush or anything.  So I will tell ya straight up.  I know all about it Pepper.  I know Sharon Quinzel rejected the baby.  I know Mary Kyle paid ya to take the girl in.  I also know she only gave you two thousand dollars." Butch said.  Alice gasped, she held Harleen tight.  Mario glared at Butch.  

"So what if I say now I don't want the brat?" Mario asked.  "No Mario she is mine!" Alice said in distress.  "I think ya wife would leave ya.  Such a beautiful woman.  I am sure she could find another to warm her bed.  Look out for the two beautiful girls.  Hell I even would." Butch said with a laugh.  Mario punched Butch.  As he came pack up with his fist clenched.  The front door burst open.  "Oh Hello Uncle Butch.  Are you here to see the new babies too?" Jade said with a huge smile for him.   "Uncle Butch?" Mario asked in shock.  "Hello Jade, what are you doing here?" Butch said to her.  "Hello who are you?" Taylor asked.  "Butch Gilzean.  You?" He asked.  Taylor Pike." She replied.  Butch nodded and smiled.  "I live with the Pike's now.  So dose Selina.  Bridget found us on the street.  We had run away from the orphanage.  I think Daddy is in Prison.  Mummy the bitch ditched us." Jade prattled on to Butch.  "OK so you and Selina live upstairs with the Pikes?" Butch asked.  "Yeah it is alright.  Joe is real cool.  You know him don't ya Uncle Butch?" Jade asked.  "No." Butch replied.  "Yeah ya do, he was there with Barry.  All the time.  Did you know he had other brothers?  He had Taylor and Bridget too." Jade continued to steal the attention.  "Well ya got quite a family with you." Butch said watching her.  "Did ya meet the babies.  That one is Ivy, she has red hair.  This one is Harleen, she has blond hair.  Aint they cute?" Jade said standing on tip toe to look at Harleen in her bed.  "Did you know Jade's Mother was about to have a baby too Mr Gilzean?" Alice asked watching Jade with Harleen.  "Ah yes, I did." Butch said watching for signals.  Had they told the girl, were they going to?  

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