chapter 23 : it takes two

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dalia stared off into the distance.

i hate to admit it but i needed this.
See. said dalia.

Nine nudged dalia playfully edging her to go on. i guess she had stopped walking. Nine took the lead and continued to walk straight until we came across a river. it was a huge river, nothing scrawny.

Wow. my wolf communicated to Ten's. it's beautiful here.

i know. i come here when i'm stressed because of work. it's relaxing. i imagine all my worries and stress going away with the rivers current. nine told dalia.

dalia stared at nine longer than intended. nine noticed but luckily he didnt say anything. i could just feel ten smirking. i huffed.

suddenly her face turned up into a wild smile. dalia took off and ran toward the water.

free at last.

ten's wolf chuckled.

he ran after dalia.

splashing in the water i felt relaxed. like nothing could get me here. i felt safe.

nine started to play fight with dalia.  she played his game back. nipping at each other's tails and tugging on each other's ears.

completely worry free.  

dalia got tired and sat in the water for a second to catch her breath.

it's so close to being winter and luckily none of the water in this territory has frozen yet. the snow is thick however.

nine watched from a sort distance. infatuated by her beautiful white coat. now soaked in water, dalia's now piercing blue eyes seem to invite him to join her.

he hesitated. but proceeded to walk towards her spot that she claimed on the river bed. nine plopped right on top of her , this action made her subtly groan. playfully nine licked her ears. ensuring she is safe. comforting her. i slowly started to feel safe too. he is my mate after all.

why do i continue to reject him?

you know all it takes is two to have a memorable time. it's not all about sex with me, remember that. i could tell this was ten speaking.

me and dalia didn't speak. we wanted to enjoy the moment.

the world seemed relatively still. everything was calm.

what a perfect moment. i didn't even know one of those existed until now.

nine removed himself from on-top of dalia. he sat down beside her instead. but when he sat down dalia got up. she trudged into the woods. nine of course followed her.

where are you going?

dalia didn't awnser.

a tree branch snapped in the distance. nine stepped in front of dalia, facing the sound that came from the tree branch, growling loudly.

don't move. nine said.

~sorry for the late update everyone. a lot has happened. a relative recently died . and i have finals coming up so i have been lacking in creativity and motivation. but when this song played on a commercial i felt inspired to write a chapter where i felt you all could imagine something similar to this happening. all your worries going away. all your problems. just like that.~

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