2-Reborn as 12 years old

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In the General Household. Qi Wu courtyard belonged to a young lady. With the graceful and luxurious decorations. The atmosphere reminded one of a warm spring.

The purple silkscreen suddenly fell. A young girl, wrapped in a flowery Yang Lan silk brocade was quietly sleeping. Her long eyelashes shivering slightly, her pink lips tightly pressed together, frowning and moaning as if she was having a nightmare. Suddenly her frown deepened and she clenched her teeth...

After a while, the young girl on the bed slowly opened her eyes. They were quiet and pure, like a pool of water in autumn. She seemed a bit stunned while she looked around the room, frowning once more. This place was familiar...

It was at that moment that a fourteen- or fifteen-years old girl, wearing a pink cotton skirt entered the room. She had a full face like the moon, a strong body and smiling eyes. She came near the bed saying: "Xiaojie, the Lantern Festival is about to begin and you are still sleeping so soundly!"

The little girl on the bed was surprised at the sight of this girl and stuttered: "Ren .... Rendong? Why are you here? What is this place?" she asked.

She looking around once more while getting off the bed. As soon as her feet touch the ground, she realized that everything around her seemed big. Even the ceiling appeared to be higher!

"Xiaojie, are you not really awake yet? Where else can we be? Xiaojie this is the place where I am always waiting on you. this is the Xiaojie courtyard where you live..." Ren Dong answered while smiling, looking at the confused and flushed girl who just awoken from her nap.

At these words An Qing Ran walked in front of the bronze mirror, there she saw a familiar face. It was herself but smaller. She reached out and tilted her head. Then she lifted one of her feet, it wasn't much bigger than three inches long!

An Qing Ran pinched her face, and felt pain but, feeling this she started to grin. The confused look in her eyes was slowly replaced by surprise. Was she reborn?

She touched her face again to confirm that she wasn't dreaming, she could not believe it! Looking around once more, it was no different than the room in her memory.

Suddenly, the last scene she saw before she woke up in this room flashed through her eyes. Dong Fang Ye and An Yan Ran holding a child in front of her. A cold light flashed in her eyes. It seems that the Gods pitied her and made her wish come true!

"Ren Dong, what year is this?" asked An Qing Ran, her face cold but also a bit excited, in her voice there was some trace of hatred.

Ren Dong did not notice it and laughed at Qin Ran question. "Xiaojie ,Is this a riddle?"

"Ren Dong, just answer me!" said An Qing Ran turning to the maid with a calm face. She didn't want to scare her.

"This slave knows, this year is Yun Qi twenty-second year and today is the Lantern Festival. Xiaojie , are you testing this slave's memory?"

An Qing Ran smiled. If this was Yun Qi twenty-second year, it meant that she was now twelve years old! She pulled Ren Dong's hand and happily shouted while spinning around. Seeing the young lady acting this way Ren Dong asked: "Xiaojie , did you have a good dream?"

"Yes, a very good dream" replied An Qing Ran, but her voice at that moment turned cold and filled with hatred...An Qing Ran finally stopped and took her hands "Ren Dong you have suffered..."

Ren Dong did not understand what she meant and looked at her quizzically. Of course, An Qing Ran knew that she did not understand, after all, she didn't need to.

All the past grievances it would be enough if she remembered and understood them alone.

(note: Xiaojie is young lady of family.)

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