Last Sacrifice(by richelle mead)  

Chapter 1  

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I stared after Abe horrified.  

"What the hell do you mean zemy?"I hissed.He didn't awnser,he just walked off while the guardians pulled me away trying to take me back to my cell.Just as I was leaving I caught a fimiliar set of eyes,Dimitri to be exact.He stared at me with an expression,that if things would have been the way before the attack on the academy,I would have been able to read.As I passed him our memories came flooding back in a rush,the first practice,when I tried and failed to suprise attack him,the lust charm,the cabin,and lastly him being dragged away from me after the rescue of the people takin from the academy that day.I knew he was thinking the same things,that much I could read,but I didn't know wether or not he could see the way I felt,and still feel,about him.I sighed internally,I really dont need to be concentrating on this at the moment.  

"Hurry up."A guardian muttered while pushing me to keep going.I lost track of how many minutes it was from the court room to my cell,but unfortunatly before I knew it I was locked up again,where nobody could visit and honestly I didnt want them to.I turned to the wall and layed down on my side thinking about everything that had happened in my short eight-teen years.It felt like a lifetime ago that I had actually had a normal life.My mind drifted to Dimitri after a little while and I couldnt help but play his words over and over in my head, 'love fades mine has.But it didnt explain why he defended me in the cafe'.Maybe he did love me,I thougt.Or maybe he was just trying to keep me alive to keep Lissa sane,I thought bitterly.I debated both of them and finelly came to the conclusian that it was more than likely option number two.Just as I thought that I heard footsteps down the hall,probley nothing but the guardians trading off again,I thought,that was until I heard his voice outside my cell.  

"Roza,"He muttered softly.I hadnt relized just how much I missed him while thinking about him in this cell.My back stiffened as I thought about what he had said in the church.I refused to turn around,it would only hurt me in the end to see him right before I get executed.  

"What do you want Dimitri?"I managed to get out without so much as moving an inch.  

"I want to talk Roza."He said a little louder than when he had said my name the first time.I spun around quickly and angerly.I put my hands on my hips and started to stand up off of my cot.  

"Oh so now you want to talk?"I asked venimosly.I couldnt belive after everything that now was the time he wanted to talk.  

"Roza calm down."He said soothingly,and for a moment I almost listened to him.  

"Why should I Dimitri?"I asked my anger flaring up every second this conversation went on.  

"Because I want to help."He said lowering his voice.I thought about this and relized Dimitri might be my only way out of here and the only way to find Lissa's sibling before they executed me.I got the note out of my pocket and descritly handed it to him for him to read.After reading it three or four times he handed it back and looked up at me.  

"What do you need me to do?"He asked automaticly going into guardian mode,there was a fire back in his eyes,I relized,but I soon remembered it wasnt for me.Swallowing my emotions for him down I tried to think about what exactly I needed to do.  

"I need you to bust me out of here Comrad,and dont envolve anyone else into this."I said finally.He shook his head then as quickly as he came in,he left.I was on my cot again for what seemed like hours,when I heard a loud 'BOOM',that shook the floor.I got to my feet to see the guardians fighting something,no someone,and as I peeked in I saw my ex-lover/mentor in the middle of it all.  

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Chapter 2

He fought just like I remembered,and I couldnt help but stare as he took down all fifteen guardians in only about five minutes or less.He was still my god,at least in the fighting sense.

"Thanks comrade."I said as he unlocked my cell door.He wasnt even sweating from that battle.

"No Problem,"He said.I was in a pretty good mood until he went on"Besides,its to help Lissa.I promised I would always help her and defend her,if this is the way to do it I will."He said that last part feirce and determined.When he said that it just pissed me off.

"So you wouldnt have bothered if it wouldnt have been useful to protecting Lissa?"I asked venimously.We were flying out the main gate now in a blue rx8.Wow,thought my inner voice,you continue to hurt yourself for this?It snickered,yea true love until the end.I told it to shut the fuck up but I couldnt help but feel it was kind of right.Wait,I thought,no im not gonna listen to it,its just spirits side affects.I really wanted to belive that,but how do I know its not me?Suddenly Dimitri's voice snapped me back into reality,and boy was he pissed.

"Damn it Rose,"He snapped."You know what I meant."He was clutching the stering wheel so tight his knuckles were white.

"Yea,"I said slowly."You only want me alive to keep precious princess Vasilissa Dragomir sane."I spat those last words at him,he tried to say something but I butt in and started to continue.

"If it wasnt for her needing me to stay alive in order to keep her sane you wouldnt even care wether or not I---" I was suddenly cut off by him swerving over to the side of the road.Before I could even utter a word he had his lips against mine and his hand twistesd in my hair.The kiss was exactly like I remembered,it was feirce and full of passion.We pulled apart,which seemed to soon,our foreheads nearly touching with his hand still in my hair,we were both breathing heavy.

"Roza"He whispered huskily.Right then a dozen emotions flickered on his face.Then,not understanding why,he pushed himself from me and got back in his seat.I couldnt help but feel hurt,confused,and lastly pissed at him for pulling away.

"Why did you pull away?"I asked him trying not to show any emotion as I spoke.

"Because we cant be together Roza,and its not the reason you think it is."He said still panting a little from our passionet kiss.

"Then what the fuck is the reason this time Dimitri?"I asked pissed and annoyed we were back to doing this constant fighting thing.

"The reason is that you are still dating someone else,im sorry Rose im not going to let me be the reason you are cheating on him,im just not as good as I used to be."He spoke this all as if he didnt care wether or not it hurt,and trust me it did.I let his words sink in then thought,how the hell could i do this to adrian?After everything I couldnt belive I was thoughtless enough to consider cheating on him.

"Now,"Dimitri said ripping me away from my thoughts."Where to?"I thought about it then said

"New Orleans."Then with that we were off.

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