Chapter 30: Welcome To The Team

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'I'd.... like to help,' she continued. 'My name is Toni. Toni Weisshart.'

'We wouldn't mind if your name was Bob,' Darcy called out from several meters away, ducking the swinging arm of a burly, middle-aged man, before jabbing several punches of his own into his stomach. 'As long as you keep doing... whatever it was you just did, I think I can safely speak for the rest of us when I say, "yes, thank you. We'd very much appreciate your help,".'

'Honestly,' Jasper added. 'We need all the help we can get, and you look like you know what you're doing.'

Yes. Yes. Yes, Ryn thought to herself. Toni Weisshart; by some stroke of luck – though she'd been opposed to the idea of it, earlier – the tenth member of the Legacies had found her way to the rest of them...

And there was only really one thing left to do.

'Welcome to the team,' she nodded.

It was most curious how quickly the tide seemed to turn; as though, with the arrival of the final piece, this puzzle had found a way to take a life of its own.

With fire mixing with light; plant with electricity; claws, feathers, fists and everything else that the nine of them could wield against the onslaught of this mind-controlled ocean...... They began to push the waves back.

'Guys, guys, they're retreating!' Quentin's elated voice spilled from seven different devices, echoing about the courtyard. 'They're heading back into the Great Hall! You're doing it, you're doing it!'

Colt let out a spine-chilling growl, the very air reverberating under such a sound, as the Silver Scorpion's army slowly crawled their way back into the shadows of the great building. Only the limp remains of the unconscious citizens – or at least she hoped they were only unconscious; she was sure she could still see them breathing – remained littered about the courtyard.

In their wake, silence filled the air, somehow as deafening as thunder.

With the rush gone, as though someone had flipped a street, the nine of them found themselves exhausted, laborious breaths spilling from each of their lungs.

'Do we... go after them?' Jasper asked, unsure.

'To what end?' Elizabeth responded. 'We could be chasing them forever at that rate. They're not hurting anyone, for now. We've made sure of that.'

Ryn drew in a sharp breath, her eyes darting to the Great Hall rooftop, where she had last seen a glint of silver.

But the Silver Scorpion was nowhere to be seen.

'He's gone...' she whispered.

The others followed her gaze.

Darcy huffed. 'Coward. We were obviously too much for him to handle.'

'If nothing else, we certainly caught him by surprise,' Kiley bit her lip, her face pulled taught with surprise. 'But I have the feeling that's not the last we'll see of him.'

'Who was that guy?' Toni shuddered. 'I mean... he was going to kill all those people. If you guys hadn't've been there when you were...'

'Let's just say that he's bad,' Elliot replied. 'Really, really bad.'

'We can explain more on the way back to the warehouse. I really think we should clear out before the police work up the nerve to arrive on scene,' Jackson added, before flickering his gaze up at Colt. 'Especially him.'

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