Chapter 30: Welcome To The Team

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Aderyn could have sworn she was drowning. People crowded so close around that she could barely draw in a breath before they took it from her, first.

There were so many....

They'd hit her and her teammates with all the force of a living, breathing tsunami, and it was all she could do to keep herself standing as they lashed out at her.

While her wings fanned out and curled around her in attempt to both attack and defend herself from the onslaught, she noticed the others holding their own as well.

Bursts of flame and sparks of electricity sizzled out at the Silver Scorpion's army as Jackson and Elliot, respectively, attempted to blast them backwards.

Beams of blinding light danced about the air surrounding Jasper, momentarily stripping the people of their vision, where they stumbled around, only to be tripped by the roots of the mulberry trees that whipped about, emerging from below the bricks at Kiley's command.

Elizabeth lured them towards her, only for them to pass right through her body, into Darcy's waiting fist; obviously not trusting his body to be left unconscious while he possessed some potentially useful inanimate object. Not that there were many of them around here, regardless.

Colt... well, anyone who was foolish enough to even step close to his massive paws, let alone try to attack him, found themselves flying across the courtyard. Very few of them got back up.

Ryn really didn't want to hurt these people, but her instincts to survive their onslaught surpassed her own sense of morality.

She couldn't help any of them if they killed her before she had the chance.

One wing snapped out, clipping a tall, lanky woman in the stomach. She could hear the air rush out of her lungs as she was forced backwards into another.

A gnarled brown root snaked up around her ankle and, moments later, the both of them were on the ground, the wooden serpent retreating back into the shattered bricks.

Ryn offered a nod to Kiley who nodded back, her face set with a certain grim determination.

It was then that her other wing jarred, as a short but stocky man rammed into it with all the power of a miniature bull.

She stumbled backwards, barely catching her balance in time to avoid falling to the mercy of this stampede.

The man advanced towards her, his eyes staring forwards blankly, while his fingers curled into fists.

She raised her wings in front of herself, ready to blockade his next attack.

But it never came.

Without her even twitching a feather, his eyes rolled backwards, and he dropped to the ground, as limp as a wet lettuce leaf.

Standing just behind him, with a hand reached out as though it had just been perched on the man's shoulder, was a young woman, doubtfully older than her mid-twenties. Hair a dark shade of brown flared about her head like a wild hood, matching the colour of her widened eyes.

'Uh... thanks,' Ryn's own eyes narrowed a fraction, staring at this stranger.

'You're all mutants, too, aren't you?' she asked with a loose smile. 'I was in the crowd when that... that guy and his giant metal scorpions attacked. You stood up to him, I've never seen anyone do something like that before....'

Upon the sound of an approaching attacker, she turned around, wicked sharp, to touch the shoulder of another mind-controlled citizen whom was sprinting towards the two of them. Almost immediately, he too dropped to the ground.

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