Chapter 2: The new life

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The walls were dimly lit but they were filled with paintings and maps. There weren't any portraits like the offices in Mihira. It seemed like an unknown secret organisation which operated from the depths of the kingdom. The table was strewn with papers and many pens, quills and royal documents.

The person sitting across Viaan was waiting for his reaction. Viaan was so much filled with emotions that his face was devoid of any emotion. He took time to process the information he was told. He didn't want to think about anything. He wanted to sleep and wake up to his daily life. His life where he was still an apprentice, learning from all departments and spending his free time with his family. He wished it all to be nightmare. He prayed franticly to any God who might be listening. He didn't want to ponder implications of the words he just heard. He wanted some anchor, something which kept him from collapsing in endless sorrow and breaking apart into pieces.

There were voices around him, mumbling something but he didn't understand them. He could see the girl and the guy beside him. Why were they surrounding him? He found no reason. Before he could utter another word, he fainted.

Viaan could feel his head throbbing before he opened his eyes. He recollected what bad happened but it may, very well be a dream, as far as he was concerned. He sat up and looked around. The room was happy coloured, it was the one feeling, he wasn't feeling. The bright light streaming through the window illuminated the room perfectly. The light blue and orange hues reminded him of the sky.

He walked towards the window and saw greenery extending as far as he could see. The house seemed like an outpost people didn't bother checking in. Or it was an outpost serving both purposes. Either way, he didn't want to stay there amidst strangers who knew more about him than he did. He remembered what made him faint. It wasn't the best reaction by a prince. He didn't think Vivaan would faint or even Ahana. In his defense, he was branded a traitor and then escaped to a far away kingdom and then learned that his mother knew of her nearing death. Certainly these circumstances would make any brave person faint. Those words comforted him and he sighed. He was always the best when he gave himself pep talks. They worked like a charm too. And he needed them more and more. Because his life changed completely. His stable, content life with the people he loved didn't exist anymore. And he had to deal and come to terms with it.

He heard some incoming footsteps and turned around. A boy, Viaan's age entered the room. He looked very excited and happy to meet him. The boy was tall and lanky with emerald green eyes and short black hair. He totally reminded Viaan of Vivaan. The boy gasped when he saw him standing by the window.

"Prince Viaan. You are up? I am here to help you in this place. My name is Vidyut." He bowed.

Viaan was no longer a prince so he didn't need to be treated as one. Back when he was home, he hated people bowing to him.

"Please Vidyut, don't bow to me. We aren't acquainted and we don't need to observe royal pleasantries. Tell me, what happened when I fainted?" Viaan asked him.

"The chief brought you here, so you can rest. Sir, I'm sorry," Vidyut said solemnly.

Viaan nodded.

"Who are the people living here?"

"There are few people who know about the Magical Society in Adhira. We are the new apprentices so we are training. There are five of us. You will meet my group later during lunch. Because now, all are away on their duties. Nairiti trains us. She is here from when she was fifteen years old. And she isn't from here. We don't know much about her but she is awesome. She fights best and her magic power is incredible."

He remembered the name Nairiti. She was the one who brought him here. He admired her but he didn't know her. He could trust her because she wouldn't betray him. He didn't know how he knew that but he did. It wasn't like a Mind Reader but he could sense some things now. Like how Vidyut was best at fighting. He didn't know what was happening to him but he could trust some people here.

"Vidyut, I want to clean myself and change into other clothes. Can you help me?"

"We got all your necessities like how you lived in your palace. This room is yours. You will find everything you need here. Come downstairs when you are done. We can have breakfast. And then you can meet everyone else and talk to the chief."

"Thank you!"

People were talking and eating. They seem different somehow. They must be the travellers. Viaan searched for a familiar face. He dressed like them, not his usual attire with a cloak. He then remembered the room which was hidden. He entered the room and saw Vidyut sitting alone near the window. He smiled when he saw Viaan.

"I guessed you liked to sit in the light and here, we have some soup and I don't know what it is but its healthy. It's made of all pulses and grains."

The food was great and Viaan loved it.

"The chief asked me to bring you to the meeting room. We can go when you want."

"Let's go now."

There was no point in delaying the inevitable, Viaan thought. He entered the same room where he fainted. He didn't want to face them again and be looked down as coward and weak.

Adhyay looked the same, maybe more frightening in daylight. Nairiti was standing beside him pointing at a map. They looked at him and with a swipe of hand, the documents disappeared.

"Prince Viaan. I hope you are good now. It was insensitive of me to tell you bluntly without keeping your condition in mind. Know that, you aren't at fault here. These rebellions are responsible for all the unrest in all kingdoms. We will train you and help you clear your name."

"What do you want in return? Everything has a price, right? What's yours?"

He laughed.
"I doubt you can afford that. I just want magical people to be safe. And I want you to lead them."


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