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finally it was end of classes i thought
i was gonna die of boredom. i quickly pack my things up and left the room,
i walk slowly to the halls on the way to exit the school. i saw a familiar person waiting in front of the gate, "oi niisan your class finished early than mine huh." i ran to him and he sighed.

"it was earlier than usual actually. let's go buy the books you wanted i thought i could buy some too." he said and started walking, i smiled and walk with him. nothing was new life was still boring but i can't deny the fact that i'm excited for UA, my hero academia.

we finally arrived at the bookstore i always go to it wasn't a long walk it only took minutes go arrive here. we went inside and split our ways, i quicklt went to the manga section and grab tokyo ghoul since it was the next manga on my list to read. i searched for some other manga like adventure and mysetery, fantasy and comedy is the type of one i liked or mystery.

after some time of searching i finally got all of the ones i want and met shoto at the cashier, our eyes met and i gave him a slight nod meaning i got what i'll buy. i put the ones i got together with his and we both paid.

we left the bookstore and we both start to walk home, i suddenly stopped when i heard some shouting and explosions but no one seemed to notice yet and i had a bad feeling about it, "hey shōto you go first i forgot to buy something i'll be home quickly!" i gave him a smile and he just nods.

my smile dissapeared and ran to the corner where the shouting was coming from. my eyes slightly widened as i saw a disgusting looking slime villain trying to eat a spikey headed guy that looks like around my age.

"hey you disgusting piece of shit." i sharply said and look at him with my cold eyes, "oh another meal i see you're small looks like it's easy to get you!" he turns to look at me and laughed hysterically. my eyes twitched at the sight of him and my ears started to hurt because of his annoying laugh.

"i may be short but you shouldn't really mess with me sir." i warned not wanting to cause a problem then he laughed again "you think i'm scared of a bitch like you? where's your mom? I guess she's dead isn't she?" he laughed again and what he said made me trigger,

"YOU MOTHER FUCKER WHAT RIGHTS DO YOU HAVE TO TALK LIKE THAT TO MY MOTHER!" i shouted angrily and my blue fire was starting to appear on my right arm.

"oh dear! i am scared! i'll finish you off." he ran after me but i shot him my flames causing him to burn although he's still not dead. my eyes widened as he was about to get me but luckily i ran away,people started to shout and scream for help from any heroes. i had to deal with him until help comes, i continue to throw fires at him but i was suddenly away from the problem.

pro heroes were already here and I was away from the scene with the help of a pro hero "what are you doing?! you can't just fight with a villain child!" he shouted, i sighed and looked down. all i'm gonna do now is sit and watch how they beat up the sludge but the sludge got powerful because of my fire and that spikey's quirk too.

i stood up and was about to walk back but i bumped into someone i was bought back to my sitting position but my ass hurt, the guy that bumped into me continued running to the sludge villain and my lips formed into an "o" being amazed of how much potential in him, i felt he was gonna be a good hero and i smiled at him. as he was scratching the sludge guy all might finally came and finished it off.

after the incident the three of us had to get scolding. for me, i was fighting the villain.

for spikey, he was wondering off causing him to get in trouble.

for the vegetable head, he acted too recklessly like what i did. after the scolding i bid goodbye to them with a poker face, 'what a tiring day i guess.' i thought with a sigh.

i start to walk back home feeling tired and numb suddenly i stopped my tracks as a weird guy with a hand on his face laughing flashed into my mind, i shook my head and hoped it wouldn't happen again.

spikey boy and vegetable head huh?


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