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Pen Your Pride

Cullen Spooks

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[A/N: This is NOT part of Still Dawn! However if you haven't read Still Dawn then you might struggle to understand it!!

This is just a halloween treat for all my loyal facebook and wattpad fans!!

Susan xx]


"Mom?" Ness called from the chair where she was lounged across Jacob, "Can we go trick or treating tonight?"

"Don't you think you're a little old for that kind of thing?" I teased, a wide smile spreading across my face. It was Halloween and last year we had taken Ness out dressed as a white witch.

"You're never too old for fun!" she argued, smiling back at me as she ran her hands through Jacob's hair. "So, do you want to go baby?" she asked him, smiling her best smile that she knew always got her exactly what she wanted.

"Sure" he grinned, before shooting a worried glare at me.

"Right" I laughed, "and if anyone dares not give you a trick Jake can phase and growl at them!"

"Mom!" Ness scorned, clearly not amused at my shot at a joke "That's not funny!"

"Actually, it was" Jake smiled, a hint of laughter creeping into his voice. Ness eyed him suspiciously and then went back to playing with his hair.

"Yay!" Alice chimed, running into the room and skidding to a halt "I have the PERFECT costumes, Ness you will be the Queen of hearts, Jake can be a Vampire, Bella- you and Edward will be a lion and lamb, Jazz will be the devil and I will be his sexy assistant"-her face twisted up into a wide smile. I looked over to Ness who seemed as unenthusiastic about her costume idea as I was. Alice continued-"Rose will be a playboy bunny, Emmett will be Frankenstein, and Little Henry can be a pumpkin"-she smiled looking over at Henry gurgling away in his bouncer seat-"Carlisle can be a living skeleton and Esme can be a witch!"

Everyone had made their way into the room when they heard their names called, and were now exchanging worried glances about Alice's costume choice for them. The only people who seemed remotely happy was Emmett-who was walking around the room with his arms outstretched like a zombie, and Jacob- who was taking huge delight in the fact he would be able to play the vampire for the night.

"A lion and lamb, Alice?" Edward questioned "honestly?"

"Yes!" she insisted, her smile growing wider. She then turned to look at all of us, "Halloween is only once a year!" she chimed "We are the people Halloween is based on! It'd be a crime not to celebrate! Now, we have 3 hours to get ready! We leave at 6!" she finished, leaving no room for argument "Come on Ness- we'll get you ready first!"

"Baa" I scowled when everyone laughed at my costume. We were all ready to leave now and were just waiting on Jacob and Carlisle to be finished and we'd leave. Alice had, of course, insisted on being responsible for all our costumes. I laughed to myself as Emmett- dressed as Frankenstein- chased Rosalie across the room in her high heels and stockings. I had to admit-other than my costume- Alice had done an extraordinary job with the costumes. Emmett had two green bolts attached to his head with green scars across his face and arms. His clothes were torn and ragged. Esme had a fake witches nose and jet black wig on her head, a broomstick in hand and an oversized wart on her left cheek, she was dressed head to toe in black and her look was completed with a black witches hat and cape. Jasper had a red cape and horns on; his eyes were lined in black. Henry didn't look scary at all. In fact, he looked remarkably cute in his bright orange pumpkin costume. Ness was wearing a bright red dress with white and pink hearts that had been meticulously sewn on to it. She also had a cute red and white hat on her head. Looking at her clothes it was hard to believe Alice had not had all our costumes already made. I mentally cursed her. Edward was stood beside me, wearing a large lion costume, complete with face paint. Even dressed like this it was impossible not to notice how utterly stunning he was.

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