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Percy's POV

The rest of the car ride home was silent. I didn't have anything to say. Didn't know what to say. What do you say to your dad that has "been warned"? Like who the heck talks like that anyway? Weirdo.

I kept seeing Poseidon glance at me the whole ride home. It was kind of disturbing. It was like he was checking to see if I was still here. I could tell that he was scared. It was a weird look to see on Poseidon's face. It didn't fit him. I didn't think Poseidon was scared of anything. I know that's weird to say, but you don't Poseidon as well as I do. Poseidon is the dude that doesn't give a crap what people thought. Poseidon shows that he isn't scared of you. I've never seen this look on Poseidon before. It didn't look like he was just scared. He looked terrified. I couldn't figure that part, though.

Is he scared of Kronos? The only problem with that, though, is he didn't seem to scared of him when he pushed me behind him. He stood straight in front of him. Glaring Kronos down. Talking back to him. But if Poseidon is not scared of Kronos, then what is he scared?

I decided not to bring it up, at least not yet.

Soon, we were pulling up to our house. Getting out slowly. I got out first. When Poseidon noticed I was out before him, he rushed over to my side of the car and put his arm around my shoulder. He's been doing that a lot lately. Ever since him, Zeus, and Hades talked. Huh.

When we got inside he directed us both to the living room. We both sat on the couch. I looked up at Poseidon, but he was avoiding my gaze. He was looking everywhere except me.

I decided to give him time. He looked like he needed more time to process things. We would go at his pace as long as I ended up knowing what was going on.

After a minute, I heard Poseidon let out a deep breath. His eyes finally met mine. His green eyes look darker than normal, like he was carrying the entire weight of the world on his shoulders. I could understand that.

"Percy," He says as he sighs, "we really need to talk, but I don't know how to explain it to you."

"It's okay, dad. I can handle it.

"That's the thing, Percy. You shouldn't have to handle it. You're just a kid. You deserve so much better than this." Poseidon said, but that last sentence sounded more like he was talking to himself.


"Percy, you need to stay away from Kronos. He's dangerous." Poseidon said, a serious look in his eyes.

"How, dad? Who is he?"

Poseidon sighs, looking away again. "I'm afraid he's more powerful this time. He's learned over the years. What if he has others this time." He was still talking to himself.

"Dad, talk to me. Please" I said, this Kronos is freaking me out if my dad is this worried.

"As you know, Kronos is my biological father." Poseidon said.


"I didn't want anything to do with him. I never did. He never approved of anything I did or of anyone I dated..." He trailed off.


"Right. He was the main reason we broke up. I was young and stupid, Percy. I wanted to impress him. I soon realized that nothing I would do would impress him. So, as soon as I could, I left. My siblings and I already had money. We all did our own thing. We never really talked much. We wanted to leave the past in the past. The only one I really talked to was Hestia. I never talked about Kronos again. Never wanted anything to do with him. That was until I got the call from Zeus." He paused.

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