ACT I, Scene 4

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     Romeo and Juliet manage to continue "parting the sea'"as they walk side-by-side to Home Economics, a class they share together. They are silent in each other's company. Probing eyes and open thoughts keep them at a conversational distance. And this bit of silence sulks Juliet's heart and irritates Romeo somewhat because he has a lot to say to Juliet although he does not exactly know where to start, so the forced silence is a rather welcoming one to him. The student body intimidation lurking around Romeo and Juliet keeps Romeo's jargon well repressed only to his thoughts. Vulnerability amongst other immortals that were gifted in the trait of reading another immortal's thoughts, as well as invoking them, left Romeo feeling a bit uneasy at first for Juliet until he notices how her vulnerability poised under pressure becomes her absolute power in suppressing her expression thus making it hard for any immortal to read her thoughts while physically accompanying them, allowing Romeo to feel a lot less strenuous.

     Juliet stops walking when she and Romeo arrive at their Home Economics class. They are standing face-to-face, looking eye-to-eye, both obviously nervous in each other's company. Juliet is about to thank Romeo for the lunch, for making sure she ate, for letting her share his table, and for his company but something strange occurs within her interlude; and something critically peculiar within the depth of his oceanic blue irises: Juliet has unexpectedly caught sight of Romeo's private thoughts literally unfolding right before her eyes thus coercing her to catch more than her breath. But before Juliet can ingest, can revel in her newly found SilverBlood gift, something else transpires between she and Romeo that just about floors Romeo: he has come to the conclusion that he was falling in love with Juliet despite the little time spent in her presence.

     Romeo gazes at Juliet, and Juliet gazes at Romeo, and time, for what seems an eternity, breaks except for the world around them; life continues in forward motion. And while some students scramble to get to their classes, others edge themselves around the peculiar couple to get into their classes.


(speaking mechanically to Romeo and Juliet from the open door) Juliet Black. Romeo Walker. . .in your seats now, please.

     Juliet exhales in the nick of time, right as the second bell to 4th period rings.


(breaking her gaze from Romeo, mumbling in the direction of Mrs. Edwards) Um. . .yes, Mrs. Edwards.

     Juliet involuntarily leaves Romeo behind as she bolts into class. Romeo notices that Juliet is puzzled by the unveiling fact that she can actually read someone, and how that someone turns out to be - and of all creatures - an Immortal Guardian; Immortal Guardians who have always been considered untouchable by any and all standards. And this newfound talent absolutely baffles Juliet to the point where she does not know if she should feel conceit or shame that is until she glimpses Romeo walking down the aisle, passing her table with an amusing look sprawled across his unvisceral face; a face Juliet knows she can forever gaze at. And what stuns her most as Romeo is passing her table is his total buoyancy toward her uncanny gift, causing Juliet to fret over a possibility that maybe he had already known of her gift prior, or that maybe he is totally against her gift and is merely veiling it to spare his true feelings? Juliet, now taking her seat, begins to feel far more than confused, she begins to feel self-conscious, edgy, bothered. She needs to know if Romeo was okay with her ability?

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