It's fun to step on a guy's head

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As the whip lashed down, there was a resounding snap, and the men gasped as they staggered back, knees shaking and faces paling.

Nathan held the whip as his blood trickled from his palm, glaring at the terrified men with his red and black eyes. The whip burst into flames, and its ashes drifted to the ground like black snow. "Do you realize who you just messed with?" Nathan growled as his bleeding hand started spurting a scarlet flame.

"F-Forgive us, sir," the men wallowed as they got on the ground. "We had no idea a royal as prestigious as you was involved with this. Please spare us."

"After what you were about to do to my fiancé?" Nathan smirked as he put a shoe on one guy's head. "Give me one good reason why I shouldn't turn you all into ashes right now."

"P-P-Perhaps we can arrange a trade of sorts," the man gulped as the sole of Nathan's shoe dug into matted hair. "We can give you as much money as you-"

"I don't want your filthy money," Nathan spat impatiently as he pushed the man's face deeper into the asphalt.

The men felt cold sweat run down their grimy faces, and they groveled in silence for several seconds before Nathan made up his mind with a sigh.

"Alright, I'm feeling lenient tonight," Nathan smiled as he stepped back. "You guys aren't worth killing anyway. Get out of my sight before I puke from your stench."

As they scrambled off, Nathan sauntered back to the car, calling over his shoulder, "Get in. We're going home."

Brooklyn hesitated, looking at the forlorn girl who offered her a shy "thank you, miss". Nathan got tired of waiting, and called with irritation from his car door.

"Bring the brat if you want to; just get in already!"

Brooklyn grinned, and took the little girl's hand. "Want to come home with me?"

"Can I?' the little girl asked in wonder.

"Sure! What's your name?"

"Number 22."

Brooklyn smiled warmly at her. "That won't do at all. What name do you want? Natalie? Amy? Claudia?"

Number 22 stared up at her savior, eyes as wide as saucers. She could have a human name?! "L-Lily would be nice," she murmured.

"That's a good idea! It's very pretty," Brooklyn laughed. "I'm Brooklyn, but you can call me Brook. Nice to meet you, Lily!"

The car horn blared, causing both of the girls to jump.


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