Chapter 95

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Unedited. And please calm yourselves, there are many things I'm keeping as mysteries for a reason. But everything shall be revealed soon <3


~The Royal Palace~

Ethan and Aaron sat side by sand, cuffed and chained to individual metal chairs. A long, rectangular table separated the two cousins from a bulky vampire with arms double the size of Ethan and Aaron’s, multiplied by two. He wore a uniform of red and black; the colour of the Royal guards.

The room was murky, surrounded by four tall grey walls that stood tall and proud beneath the concrete ceiling. A dark mirror ran across the length of the wall closest to Ethan. Without needing to investigate, he knew it was a double mirror and chances were that Zayn, Jonah or another one of the Royal minions stood behind it, observing the two Redfern heirs.

Ethan smirked as the muscular vampire began to speak, explaining the rules of being a guard to the two cousins. He glanced over to Aaron, his partner in crime since before he learned how to walk, the same time Aaron glanced over to Ethan, returning his smile.

Sure enough, as Ethan had predicted, the Royal guard began to explain the duties of a palace guard. What they should and should not do. The necessities and the taboos… And sure enough, the large man emphasised his speech and spoke with a hint of warning when explaining that they should never converse with their superiors unless spoken to, never touch the properties of the King or sleep with Zayn’s women… Well, woman. Ethan and Aaron knew that Zayn would have no problem if Ethan went anywhere near one of Zayn’s maids or servants.

The King would probably be delighted if he ever caught Ethan sleeping with another woman and utilise it to drive a wedge between Ethan and Evelyn.

Aaron and Ethan also knew that the guard was primarily explaining these things to Ethan, because those warnings only applied to Ethan…

Ethan wondered what Zayn would do if Aaron and Alice were to find themselves alone in a room. She was already pregnant with his child, surely Zayn had kept Alice’s pregnancy a secret from Marcus for this long, he wouldn’t mind Aaron and Alice sharing a kiss or two?

I could do some insanely stupid things to keep Zayn and all of his minions busy while Aaron and Alice shares a few moments of reunion, Ethan thought to himself. It would be worth it. It doesn’t have to be anything reckless that would put Eve in danger; just some suspicious things to alert those blood suckers.

“Can we just cut the crap?” Aaron said after the guard began to explain what kind of punishments they could suffer if they broke any of the rules. He glanced over to the double sided mirror. “Jonah, I know you’re there, I can smell your odour from here,”-he took a glance of the vampire wall of a man-“why don’t you cut the shit, and come and speak to us yourself? Don’t degrade Ethan and myself by making us suffer the presence of this worthless, insignificant little bιtch.”

The bulky vampire who sat across from the two instantly shot up from his chair, his face reddening and his muscles tensed.

Ethan rolled his eyes, bored. Prepared to hear a rant of threats and werewolf insults. He tugged at his chains; it wouldn’t take a lot of effort for him to break out of them if a fight was to arise, so it wouldn’t be difficult for Aaron to break his chains either if the humongous being across from them decided to pick a fight. Though Ethan wanted to test out of his strengths, he couldn’t. He had to undersell himself for the time being; for the sake of Evelyn and Venice’s plan. Or Ethan assumed Venice had a plan.

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