The Sunset Hill

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The sun has just began to rise, painting the sky with the warmest of colours - reds, oranges, yellows and pinks. The last of the stars shined faintly, as the city below slowly started to wake up.
A few crickets could be heard in the high grass, and the birds were singing the sweetest of songs, sitting on the highest branches of the trees. It was peaceful, quiet, and the slight breeze of the night could still be felt on the skin.
At the edge of a small cliff, and the very end of The Sunset Hill street, sat a girl; her feet hanging off of the edge, and the skirt of her dress slowly moving around her knees. Her hair delicately blown over her face, she looked over at the city before her. She started to sing...

Whose is the hand that I will hold?
Whose is the face I will see?
Whose is the name that I will call,
when I am called to meet thee?

In this life, who did you love,
beneath the drifting ashes,
beneath the sheeting banks of air
that barrenly bore our rations?

Just when she was about to take a breath, she heard something moving in the high grass behind her. She turned abruptly to see what was causing the noise: was it a stray cat? A runaway dog?
Instead of an expected small animal, she saw a human.
The rising sun cast a harsh, bright light over the boys face - she couldn't see anything.
What was he doing here? Is he here to cause her trouble? Was he-
She was torn out of her head by a voice.

- Hi! I'm sorry for interrupting...
- Oh, it's really not a problem.

The boy smiled. He looked familiar, but she couldn't figure out why.

- I'm actually here because of you. You're Elizabeth, right?
- Yes,'re here because of me?
- Yeah...You see, we go to the same school. I'm Adam Lawrence, and-

Adam Lawrence. Of course! She knew that name from one of her classes. But why was he here?

- and we have english literature together. You probably don't know me, we never really talked.
- I know you. You sit with Frank, right?
- Yes. I found this little piece of paper by your desk the other day, and I wanted to give it back, but I hadn't an idea where to find you. I accidently read it, and it was a poem about this place. It was so beautiful, I couldn't stop thinking about it...I just had to see it for myself. I must say, it's just as breathtaking as your poem made it to be.

The girl felt a little blush creep onto her cheeks. As embarassing as it was, it was very nice to hear. She looked over to the boy.

- Well, thank you. That's very sweet of you to say. No one ever read my poems, thank you. Again.

She laughed faintly.

- And the place is truly magical. I have been coming here almost everyday, and every time it's as, if not more, magical. Never the same view twice.
Oh, I'm sorry, please, sit down. I'm not used to having company.
- Thank you! I hope you don't mind sharing the view with me. If you don't want to, I won't come here anymore.
- I don't mind it one bit! It's very nice having someone to experience it with. As they say, beautiful things are even more beautiful when they're shared.

Adam smiled. He never talked to Elizabeth, but he always thought she was beautiful, and the golden rays made her hair glow the most beautiful colour he had ever seen, and her green eyes shined like two emeralds. Two marvelous, but incredibly sad, emeralds.

- I brought some food to enjoy, would you like some?
- What you've got?
- Well, I have a few chocolate chip biscuits and about half a bottle of raspberry cordial. Oh! And two sandwiches with ham and lettuce.
- I'll take a biscuit if you don't mind!
- I'll have a biscuit as well then. Cordial, m'am?
- Thank you ever so kindly, sir.

They both laughed. Adam is really nice, she thought. How come they never really crossed paths, other than sharing the same class?
She couldn't help but notice that he was quite handsome, too. His curly brown hair falling onto his forehead, his crystal clear blue eyes, and his a little peculiar clothes made him look like he just stepped from the pages of Anne of Green Gables.
She caught herself staring when she heard him talk.

- Would you like some more cordial? Isn't this stuff just delicious?
- Yes, I would love some more, thank you. It is indeed! If it was socially acceptable I would drink it as my only beverage!
- Same here! Can never get enough of it. But it does seem to taste even better with such a great company and a view like this.
- Yes, indeed it does.

They both looked at each other and smiled.

- What do you say we do this again tomorrow? I'll bring something to eat in return. Maybe I'll even find some raspberry cordial!
- That would be great! Thank you for showing me this place, altought by accident. I must say I have never been more grateful for picking up a piece of paper!
- And I must say I have never been more grateful for losing one. To the happy accidents!
- To the happy accidents!

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