Chapter 34

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* no one's pov*

Warning Chapter...

Chanyeol parks the car and Baekhyun grabs his bag. Sehun stops him.

Sehun- are you sure Erie said it was ok?

" y-yeah."

Sehun- why are you stuttering?

"b-because I'm nervous."

Chanyeol- Baekkie don't lie to us.

Baekhyun pouts.

" I'm not!"

Sehun- call us if something happens, ok?


Baekhyun walks out and Chanyeol pulls off. Baekhyun knocks on the door and Sage opens it. She smiles and let's him in. Baekhyun is wearing the outfit in the gif above.

Sage- hi cutie. 


Sage- awe you look nervous.


Sage- you look very handsome.

"thank you. What do you want to do?"

Sage- come upstairs baby.


Sage holds her hand out and Baekhyun ignores it.

Sage- hold my hand baby.

"n-no. I'll follow behind you."

Sage- give me your hand!

She grabs Baekhyun's hand and he yelps. She drags him upstairs and he notices two other women and looks down.

Brenda- hey Baekkie.

Baekhyun hides behind Sage and she pushes him on the bed.

Sage- looks like someone is nervous.

"Mr. Suho said just one."

Sage- I lied.

She laughs and Baekhyun gets up.

Brenda- I told you he's disobedient.

Rhonda- he is.


Rhonda- missed me Baekkie?

She pushes Baekhyun on the bed and he whines.

Rhonda- I wanted to play with you since I saw you the first time.

"b-but you.."

Rhonda- awe you know about Lay? He's just a fuck buddy.

Sage- don't curse in front of the baby.

" I'm not a baby."

Sage- talkative aren't we?

" uh I'm going home."

Sage- you're not going anywhere.

Baekhyun quickly runs to the door but it's locked. He whimpers and Brenda pushes him on the floor. 

Rhonda digs in Baekhyun's bag and shakes all the "toys" out.

Rhonda- I didn't know you were that naughty. No wonder my sister is always with you.

" leave her out."

Rhonda- you have feelings for the bitch? How cute.


Rhonda- she's only using you baby.

"no she's not."

Brenda- she's going to chew you out buddy.

"you don't even know her."

Sage- she ain't shit for letting you come here.

The women laughs and Baekhyun makes a run for it again but Rhonda pushes him on the floor. Baekhyun whimpers as she straps Baekhyun's arms behind his back.

"p-please I wanna go home."

Rhonda- you decided to come baby.

Sage- you'll have fun.

"no I won't. Let me go!"

Brenda- awe poor baby.

Sage- we are going to get our $5,000 worth.

Baekhyun tears up.

" I want Erie."

Rhonda- Erie's not here cutie.

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