Chapter 33

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* no one's pov*

Baekhyun and Lily are in the living room playing.  Lily looks in Baekhyun's bookbag and gasps. She giggles and Baekhyun snatches it back.

"don't touch!"

Lily- sorry. hehe.

"Erie can't know ok?"

Lily- I won't tell her.


Lily- unless.


Lily- hmmm you let me have a cookie from the cookie jar.

"no, Mr. Chen said you can't."

Lily- booo!

Baekhyun chuckles and grabs the cookie jar.

"He doesn't have to know either."

Lily giggles and grabs a cookie. Baekhyun puts it back on the table. 

Lily- why  do you have those toys?

" it's for work."

Lily- but I thought Erie told you not to escort anymore!

"she did but, I want more money."

Lily- so, you're going to leave me?

"well Mr. Chen should be coming back."

Lily- well my friend is coming over to play with us.


Lily- Minnie.


Lily- mhm. He should be here in a few minutes.

They hear a knock on the door and Lily opens it. She hugs Xiumin and giggles. Xiumin sees Baekhyun and runs over to him.

Xiumin- Baekkie!


Xiumin- where have you been?

"with Erie. She's really mad at Mrs. Rhonda."

Xiumin- mommy is always sad now.

"well too bad."

Lily giggles and Xiumin pulls out his toys.

Xiumin- she's going to a party tonight.

" oh really?"

Xiumin- mhm. Will Erie and her ever make up?

" they're sisters so maybe."

Lily- what happened?

"his mommy cheated on mines with her boyfriend."

Lily- oooooo! That's messed up and she's family.

"I know. My ride should be coming."

Xiumin- awe but I just got here!

Baekhyun giggles and grabs his bag.

"Lily, promise me you won't tell."

Lily- I won't. You have my word.

"ha ok."

Xiumin- he's doing something bad?

Lily- I gave my word.

Baekhyun chuckles and walks out.

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