A Chance Encounter

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[Warning violence, blood and horror]

At a lab on shore in the middle of station square

There was a violent 'Guinea pig' of their experiment was using his chaos control to fight and softly saying the words,

"Chaos blast!"

He blasted some of the guards to pieces and one was scared he pulled out his gun shoot and was screaming as he got hold of the key. But there was no hope he died and and number 2005 aka Shadow managed to get out the room as someone pressed the button to release him.

He uses his ability invulnerability to make sure he isn't hurt or wounded. And he was humming a song.

In the kitchen

Rosey was getting coffee ready for Miss. Elise the third.

A woman said, "I don't any on you kiss a guy, but this being chief Elise's secretary must be a murder."

Rosey said, "Yeah, she is nice and what makes you think that."

The woman said, "The way she looks at people and she's scary."

Rosey said, "No, she's nice when you get to know her anyone can look scary but I won't see her like that ever, I'm gonna do my best and make her proud."

In the security room

They were gathering weapons and be ready to kill Shadow while Rosey went to give Elise her coffee while three cops tried to shoot him, shadow uses chaos blasts and flight to get away.

A cop said, "Stay calm, the manual says he can't hurt us if he's more than two meters away."

Cop 2 said, "Yeah but didn't they say to keep objects away from him especially weapons because he's gifted to be a fighter?"

Shadow got a giant gun and shot a cop through the head, another by shooting his arms and half of him off, and then shot the third cops head off. One kept shooting and shooting but has failed as Shadow killed him, more cops shouted but shadow had invulnerability, and never missing shooting, and used his barehands to rib a cops head off and had used the elevator to get out of here, and more had shoot but he was undeterned and killed many and pulled the lever to open the door and so many were waiting even chief Elise the third and Rosey tripped

Elise said, "ROSEY RUN!"

Shadow ripped his head off and they started shooting and Shadow use Rosey's body to shield him from the bullets and shot a cop threw the head and they ran out of bullets, and he passed Elise.

Elise on her communicator said, "He's on his way to the emergency exit! Bring the partition down and keep him locked in."

The door locked and someone let him free and he walked to the edge and shot him and his helmet broke and he fell in the sea but was still alive.

The next day

In the city

Chris Thorndyke was looking around town for his friend Maria Robotnik and he went to Silver valley. And there she was Maria.

Chris said, "Your Maria aren't you?"

Maria said, "Um.. Well..."

Chris said, "I'm Chris your friend."

Maria said, "Oh your Chris?"

Chris nods his head and said, "Wow, I missed you at the station and I decided to look for you here, you always love to go to silver valley to see the flowers and look at the stars at night here."

Maria said, "The view is still the same and beautiful and hasn't changed since we were kids."

Chris said, "And were going to the same college who would have known that."

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