Part 22

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okay so it took me some time to write the next part, but nevertheless I did.. The thing that actually resisted me to write was the way most of you reacted on the previous part.. I mean there was not tinge of hint about separation in it yet most of you were like don't separate them.. Few messaged me personally too... That had me second thought this part.. I was like am I going in right direction, am I justifying my story.. To be honest this story was not meant to be romantic as it turned out to be! The romance was to start after the last scene you will read now... I was so low that I wasn't going to continue this for a month at least.. I lost the lead.. I felt I did not do justice to the first raw story I had in my mind.. But now I feel its my job to tell you a story and not to drive by your reaction.. I mean yesss I know how it feels and season 3 actually took a toll on everyone of us but trust me this story is in my mind since season 1 @nd the few starting parts were written from that time only.. I never knew about the separation in ktbm.. I had this story full fledged ready in my mind..

I don't know how you will react to this part but trust me.. I am here to tell you a story.. And I guess you are here for a story and not just for romance? The romance will be there.. Maybe more than you can imagine!.. You guys know my level of romance so be patient.. Just read it and go with the flow..

I'd request you all to appreciate the present not pretend the future!

P.s- bohot bhashan Hua.. Lets move on with the story.. Now I have a grip on it for sure...


She eyed the door for a while. Walking close she rested her forehead on it. 'What happened suddenly?' She wondered

"jee" she called him softly waiting for few more seconds before turning around to move into her room. Sad that he kept it to himself why he behaved such.

Slipping into her bed she tossed every few seconds. Comfort was what lacked here. Its just been mere 2 days she slept within the heaven of his arms and she was already used to it.


He made his peg and before he could kiss the glass he heard her voice which stopped him.

Her soft voice which actually shrieked him. Why was he mad really?. What's her fault in all this?. It was the man that eyed her lady not she was giving him any signals was she?. He kept the glass back not having it in him to drink.

He smirked sarcastically, few minutes back he was demented and decided to get blotted but her soft voice just stopped him there and then.


The small twist of the door made her cautious. He was here she knew when the door cracked a little open. 'She won't react' she decided. He was showing her cold shoulder without a reason so she'd do the same, she declared.

The door clicked shut back and like that she felt utter guilty. Was he gone?.

'was he here to talk?' She wondered.

Her heart beats stopped when she heard the whisk of his tracks in the silence and the bed descended with a weight.

'he was here!' Her heart raced but she kept her act of sleeping intact.

Luckily she was turned at a side facing opposite to where he was, making it easier for her to hold onto herself. Why was she holding onto herself by the way?.

She felt him lie down as the bed sinked more. The brush of his belly at her back sent chills through her body. The bed was smaller and he had to move closer to her for being comfortable.

She didn't stirred a bit, he felt. 'she wont' she was adamant

When his hand slide down her hip and settled for her belly, her breathe just gave up. She sighed hard making him stiffen his moves a bit.

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