chapter 31

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It was currently 2:30am and Taehyung couldn't sleep a wink, the louring scent of his omega that lay in bed across the hall.

Around 4 hours ago Namjoon had called Jin telling him to return home so he obliged leaving a whimpering Jungkook with Taehyung.

The alpha within Taehyung growled, begging to be near its bunny an claim the omega, smell the sweet scent as he went to sleep... to touc- "STOP!" Taehyung yelled closing his ears in attempt to stop the alpha talking.

Taehyung sat up in his bed, breathing heavily like he had ran a marathon but not even that could compare. His body felt hot as it craved to touch the young omega who's whines could be heard a whole world away.

'he can't be my mate, I am an alpha tiger, he is just a small omega bunny a predators prey. There is no way he is my mate because the thing that lives within me will hurt him, I'll become a monster or worse...' Taehyung thought as he still held control.

'But bunny is mate! mate needs us and he is triggering rut. Go! help him!" His tiger growled again making Taehyung stand from his bed and walk to the youngers room the noises getting louder as he neared.

"It wouldn't hurt to cuddle him right?" Taehyung whispered peaking through the door to the youngers room.

"Hyung?" Jungkook whined, Taehyung felt guilt build up inside since he could end this within half an hour but he couldnt destroy the boys innocent mind. Since it is more clear now than ever that the bunny is infact his mate Taehyung needs to be there for him.

The feeling that his rut was near made Taehyung worry that he will lose control of himself and fuck Jungkook senseless... but he doesnt want that to happen without consent.

"H-hey bunny, do you feel any better?" Taehyung whispered moving closer to the bed where Jungkook lay.

"N-not really... b-but you smell s-so good hyung" Jungkook said before realization of what he had said hit him making him flustered yet so over whelmed by Taehyungs scent. "You smel so good too my bunny ."

"A-are we mates?" Jungkook looked up into Taehyungs glowing eyes as he stood towering over Jungkook. "How did you know about that baby?" Taehyung asked not even thinking about the names he was calling the younger.

"R-read about t o-once, h-hyung j-just help." Jungkook reached out taking Taehyungs hand placing it on his cheek.

"Kook." Taehyung said softly caressing Jungkooks cheek.

"Let's make a deal. By morning if the supressants dont work I'll help you bun." Taehyung saw Jungkook nod to this so he smiled and removed his hand from Jungkooks cheek recieving another whine before he walked to the opposite side of the bed climbing under the sheets.

"C-can you cuddle bun?" the younger asked moving closer nuzzling into Taehyungs bare chest loving the feeling of Taehyungs skin touch his own, it felt good.

Taehyung just chuckled at the younger already cuddling up to him as he just wrapped  his arms protectively around Jungkooks waist.

"night bunny." Jungkook just hummed in response to Taehyung.


The next morning Taehyung woke up to Jungkook shuffling around on the bed trying to get out of his tight embrase. "whats wrong Jungkook?" Taehyungs rasped voice startled the younger.

"I w-wanna shower." Jungkook whined out since he didnt like the hot feeling that surrounded his whole body and the wetness from his behind.

"Okay, don't take too long~" Taehyung let Jungkook go turning around in the bed falling back to sleep.

Jungkook weakly walked to the bathroom, not wanting help since he didnt want to be weak. He was getting ready for his shower brushing his teeth first, turning on the shower letting it run for a while to heat up before he slowly took off his top staring at his chest in the mirror.

He tried rubbing his eyes 'no, it cant be- where is my muscles?' he loked down running his hand along his now flat tummy before he whimpered falling on his kneed. It's not that his abs mattered alot it was the feeling of being weak, in the sense that he can't show off as a easy target to anyone.

he was too focused on the body length mirror he couldnt hear the door open and Taehyung sigh, Taehyung knew this would happen the boy loved his toned muscles but since he is omega his body had to change.

He slowly pulled Jungkook from the ground switching off the shower and carried the bunny back to the bed.

"It's gone h-hyung." Taehyung nodded hugging the boy before he felt a wetness drip from Jungkooks boxers onto his lap. His eyes widened and his heart raced thinking thoughts he shouldn't.

"I-it's o-okay, your body is just preparing to bear children, like babies." Taehyung stuttered a little trying to calm the boy in his arms.

After a while of silence Taehyungs brows furrowed as he looked at Jungkook who was looking back.

"Do it hyung."

"Do what?"

"Y-you said you'd help me, s-so help." The alpha smirked as he lay his mate on the bed softly climbing above him.


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