ACT I, Scene 2

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(speaking softly yet mischievously to Juliet) He likes you.

     Juliet notices Petal is standing dangerously close to Romeo's right while Flower Walker is standing slightly off to his left. Juliet observes Romeo's expression as an iconic teen in angst and in desperate search for something much more meaningful than an immortal life.


How do you figure?

     Flower scrunches her face in the direction of Miss Apple who, without warning, springs up suddenly from her creepy desk chair and rushes out of the classroom as if she is on a mission of some sort. Juliet's mouth falls open as she then stares at Flower in awe.


How did you do that?


(answering Juliet behind a set of fiery, mischievous eyes) Do what?


(gawking) Never mind!

     Juliet turns to leave. A waif of a pricey unisex cologne breezes past the Walkersunintentionally grazing Romeo's senses. Then and there, Romeo pictures himself lost within a dangerous campaign kiss ad shared with Juliet somewhere tacked on a roadside billboard. And the idea just about causes him to smile but that smile merely turns into a flinch when Petal nudges her arm roughly against his, thus pulling him from his near pleasant experience daydream.


(to Juliet) You are new here, are you not?


(halting her footsteps) Yeah. . .about three years new.

     As the Walker clan remain unamused toward Juliet's raw sense of humor, Juliet sensing her remark bringing about an uncomfortable silence that would have easily made "the calm before the storm" analogy sound like a tornado, found she needed to steer the conversation, and fast, while shivering at the idea of being wrapped around a light pole!


(speaking to Flower motioning in the direction of Romeo) So does he ever talk?


(interjecting amused) Not to an immortal he likes.

     Unsure of what to make of Petal's comment  - which sounds both envious and strikingly odd to Juliet's ears - Juliet instead of pondering turns back around and heads toward the front of the classroom.


(to Juliet as she is passing Miss Apple's desk) You are a SilverBlood. That is why Tristan is confused about his feelings toward you.

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