Chapter 1 l The Beggining

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*Blair Verona Davies*

''Shawn, what are you doing?'' I asked my brother while laughing.

''Blair get it off to someone else.'' he said and continued with the homework. ''What happened to you?'' I continued taunting and hardly withholding the laugh. ''Stop it, I'm not focused.'' he quickly replied while writing something.

''What is the reason? Girl?'' I quickly found out. ''How do you know?'' he replied after a while and looked at me. ''It's written on your face.'' I laughed. ''Which one is she?'' I asked. ''Her name is Emma. Brunette, two years younger, therefore your age.'' he replied the following consideration.

''How did you meet her?'' I continued with questions. ''At school I bumped into her. I picked her notebooks and meet her.'' he replied. ''So soon will be the most popular guy in the school in a relationship?'' I provoked. ''Blair, stop before it will hurt you.'' he warned me.''I doubt.'' I immediately replied confident in spoken and wanted to leave. ''Yo, Blair?'' Shawn called me.

''Yes?'' I turned around and waited for a response. ''Emma has a cousin who is at her home on vacation and is 2 years older than me. Would you go with us on a double date?'' he asked. ''With a 21 yearly guy would you put me together and at all - you don't know who he is?'' I'm a little surprised.

''Emma says that you probably already know him.'' he quickly replied. ''How?'' I asked. ''She says that he is a member of the world famous group. I don't remember the name. Not from the group, not from the guy.'' he said. ''Hmm ... When we go?'' I asked. '

'Tomorrow at 6 in the afternoon. Emma want to found someone who could help him here.'' he replied. 'I should help him? Shawn are you crazy? Even alone I need help.' I thought and smiled.  ''Just a dinner, nothing else. All right?'' I wanted to provide. ''All right.'' I heard him and finally walked out of his room.

So to introduce myself.

I'm Blair Verona Davies. I am 17 years old and currently living in London. With my 19 years old brother Shawn I live with my aunt and uncle, since 2 months ago my parents made a traffic accident.

Even so, I was at the bottom, and the accident made it all even harder. I was really devastated. I lie and nobody finds out the truth. Of all these events I am depressed. And this is secret I keep carefully. At least for so far I did.

I sat on the bed and took the laptop from the ground. I opened it and visited tumblr. This is the page where you can post pictures about what you were thinking and how you feel.

I looked at some pictures and there was nothing new so I closed the laptop and put it back on the floor. I looked around the room and soon I got the feeling, that I have been waiting for since I came into the room.

The feeling that tells me, that it's all my fault. By that car accident I also somehow broke up with my boyfriend, that I've been together for 13 and a half months. I did not tell the accurate story of this accident.

My parents went after my boyfriend Ryan and on the way home, a drunk driver crossed their path. And even now I'm not quite all over it. I still miss all our moments. Accidentally I remember how he liked to sit on a chair dressed for writing and to spin on it as a child.

And he still would be spinning, if I wouldn't insisted that Ryan has to come to me. My feelings right now were mixed, but in the end it was still just me against all the other things that were shown against.

I focus on the hands, which rested on my legs. With the right hand I slowly pulled the sleeve of the left hand, and soon I saw the scars. Even now I'm not quite sure why I did it and repeated thousands of times. I guess I liked the fact that the physical pain overcome the psychological.

I started to think, if I would add one or two to the scars, when I remembered the deal. It wouldn't be good if the fresh scars wound burn at the incorrect time.

Tomorrow I go on a double date and I doubt that Emma was solely to blame for it. Shawn definitely helped by this.

I shook my head and sighed.

I don't know this boy yet, but he is already doing changes by me.

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