Secrets Discovered

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I got off of him. I was still slightly upset. I tried to not let it show on my face. "Well, I'm going to my room." I said. Katsuki watched me leave. I went up to my room, and shut the door. "Quite interesting, what I heard." I froze. I knew that voice. That voice. My ex-best friend. Ex, because he went crazy, and kept attacking and trying to kill me. I spun around. He was right behind me. "What do you want?" I asked. His eyes grew wide. Insane. "This." He said, grabbing my arm. I kicked him away. He grew angry. His angry insane eyes are what scared me most. He lunged, and I was too slow. I was too slow. He knocked me to the floor, and I realized my window had been opened. God, please, no. I was on the top floor.. He wrestled me to the window. I screamed all the way. I was pushed out. I saw the door open. I saw Katsuki and Shouto's terrified faces. I fell. I shot my hand out. He was looking out the window. I winked at him. I grabbed the side of the building, and wrapped it around myself. I grabbed him from the window. "OI!" Katsuki screamed. Sorry, Suki. This is my fight. I threw him into the wall. "This. This is the last time." I said as we landed on the ground. His quirk was Liquid. He can turn anything into a liquid, reverse it, and become a liquid. He got into his all-too-familiar stance. I slammed my hands into the ground, using Manipulate to form waves out of the dirt. My body dropped in tempature. I was breathing visible air. I stood up, little bits of frost coating my arms. He melted into a puddle of cloudy liquid, and sped toward me. I Manifested a bottle, and stuck him in it. Before I was able to close it, he grew back into a human, and the bottle was stuck to his finger, yanked out of my grasp. He was close. Too close. He jumped onto me, pinning me to the ground. I growled viciously. Inhumanly. No, not now. Not ever again. Please, God, no! His eyes widened. I saw myself in the reflection of his pitch black eyes. My eyes were blood red, and I had.. Horns. Wings. A pointy tail. Fangs. I was in full Demon mode now. I chomped down on his arm, tearing him off of me with just my mouth. He flew into the wall. I was blinded by rage. "YOU COME HERE!? AT MY SCHOOL!? WHERE I SPECIFICALLY TOLD YOU NOT TO ENTER!?" I screamed. I caught Katsuki's wide eyes in the window. Shouto wasn't too far behind him. "I.. I hate you, you idiot." I growled. "You.." MY voice grew louder. "YOU BAKA!" I screamed, and threw electicity balls I manifested from my hands. He dodged them. He darted away. The red in my vision slowly faded away. My tail and wings faded from view. My horns morphed back into my head. I looked up at the window. He looked.. Relieved. Was he relieved that I was okay, or that I wasn't a Demon anymore? Either way, I started to hyperventilate. I felt like I couldn't breath. I had to get away. I had to. I ran away from the building. I heard Shouto and Katsuki call after me. I darted up buildings, across rooftops, until I was far from UA. I collapsed. I cried. No.. No.. No! The last time I raged out, I hurt Mom. I hurt Momo, too. I hurt myself. Momo and Mom forgave me, but I lost all my friends, and Dad never looked at me the same. I didn't want to lose Katsuki, Shouto, Izuku, Momo, Jirou, Denki, any of them. I didn't want to be alone again. I didn't want anyone to leave me because of what I am. I stood up. The tears were gone, my heart was heavy. My face was stone hard. I turned and flew my way across buildings. I rolled whenever I landed to reduce the shock, and to keep my momentum. I made it back, and my face fell. Prepare to feel everything slip through your fingers, Yanagi. I stepped into the dorms. Everyone was waiting for me. Momo hugged me as soon as I stepped through the door, asking me if I had hurt myself, if I was okay, if I was bleeding. Good, she hadn't left me. I hugged her back, tight, and told her I was okay. She stood behind me, and held my hand tight as I faced the other students. I took a deep breath. I knew what to do. It's happened before. "Hi. My name is Yaoyorozu Yanagi, and I am fifteen. My quirks are Manipulate," I warped the wall, "Manifest," I Manifested a ball, then let it melt into the floor, "and.. Demon." I finished, letting my wings unfurl from my back, my curled horns grow and twist from my head, and my tail slowly come from my lower back, tearing a fresh hole in my shirt. "I am sorry I didn't tell you before, but it isn't exactly the best conversation starter." I smiled through my tears. I shut my eyes. I felt something upon me. Like it was going to break me. Arms wrapped around me. My eyes flew wide open. Every single student, all of my friends, in class 1-A had their arms around me, around eachother, all smiling, all forgiving. All.. Kind. It.. It did break me. In a good way in the best way possible. I cried, hard, laughing, and sobbing into my hands. Bawling the most happy tears one could cry. "Thank you! Oh, thank you all so much!!" I cried, continuing to cry, although I was smiling. Momo pushed through, and kissed my forehead. "I think you should go to sleep. It's been one hectic night." She said. I nodded. "Just, remember, Yana." Ochaco said. "We are all," Jirou moved the sentence along. "Here for you." They all said at the exact same time. Even Katsuki. I smiled. 

"Thank you."

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