ACT I, Scene 1

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The year is 2013 in present day America, and the world has become infested with immortals; immortals that humans are forced to contend and live with in civility. In this new era, vampires and werewolves are ranked as the highest of all immortal races amongst other and lesser immortal races inhibiting the world. And while vampires and werewolves secretly aim to polish their laurels as the supreme immortal beings feared not only by man but by their rivalries, their existence is currently being challenged by a new immortal race, SilverBloods: half-werewolves, half-vampires. But in spite of these contending immortals' diverse powers that could easily wreak havoc on the world single handedly, their existence has been forced governed by another immortal race, a higher than highest deity referred to as Immortal Guardians. Immune to death and love in general, these Guardians are the monarchs of peace, war and order sanctioned by their demon Goddess Mother, Lilith. In the southwestern region of America however, in the city of Phoenicia where daylight and darkness have unified to become a constant shade of dreary, two unlikely immortal teens, one of Immortal Guardian decent, one of SilverBlood decent are about to embark on a journey beyond what is permitted and what is forbidden. Two immortals, despite immortal laws and consequences, will attempt to defy the foreboding of their families to save the love they have created. Two immortals that will dare to push the boundaries beyond immortal barriers to prove any immortal can truly love another unconditionally in spite of immortal differences. The following is a count of their story. . .a story about forbidden love.


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     (narrating an assigned essay in front of her World Lit class at William Shakespeare High; a fictional count on where the SilverBlood race has supposedly matriculated) "Once upon a time a vampire bit a werewolf. And immortally wounded the werewolf recoiled before the vampire; its animalistic form cowering beneath the half-crescent moon, whimpering within its untriumphant defeat. When the vampire raised its hand to crush the werewolf's neck, the werewolf howled and ran into the post-apocalyptic ruins and disappeared into the darkness.

     'The werewolf ran for miles and miles as the vampire's venomous bite coarsed through its veins; severing every artery; constricting its lungs; choking its breath until it could no longer run. The werewolf eventually stumbled upon an alley and alas broke down beneath an old lighted street pole. As the light flickered on and off, the werewolf transcended back to its human form. Exhausted and dying, the half-naked girl shivered and wept, cradling the round of her belly while the foreign of her tongue prayed for health and redemption for the blasphemous that was created in those previous seconds between vampire and werewolf. 

     'Sometime during the night, the girl found her way back to Canyon Citi - a city of grand caves embedded within a canyon - a desolate monumental in rural America. The girl, not wanting to be detected by the atrocity bestowed onto her and her unborn pup by those of her kin, proceeded through the citi in were-form. Once out of sight, and out of the company of other were's, the girl then surrendered to total isolation.

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