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Ashtium-empire of the black desert

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Ashtium-empire of the black desert. Located on the faraway star, Ashta. Ashtium city (the empirical capital) was built up from the ashes of a forgotten war long ago. The huge marble dome of the city gives it an ancient Greek-like appearance in design just like the architecture and laws of the city nestled beneath. It is the only city known on Ashta to not rely on fire for its light source.

Black Desert-territory of the Ashtium empire. The sand appears black because the land is void of light and rather barren in the aftermath of the star's history of warfare with distant colonies on other stars and planets. The ash is still in the air from centuries ago. 

Shelliv-inhabitants of Ashtium. They live in an apparent natural light in their domed kingdom of marble and diamond. They have plants, animals and water etc. The shelliv are diverse in appearance. They wear simple linen cloth robes/tunics and wooden sandals or clogs depending on their class.

Krexbin-also known as the race of desert demons. They are born with night vision that allows them to see everything in shades of silver to black. They are ancestors of people who could not afford to migrate to the capital during the great Ashta war. Stranded in the black desert, their vision evolved after centuries of their people being trapped in the post-apocalyptic climate after the great war. Their teeth are known to be black from the juice in the bugs they eat out in the desert. They are also recognized by their pale-grey skin and eyes. Their hair ranges from milky white to ashy grey blonde.

Book of Sood-sacred text about the origin of the Ashtium people. The book describes their empire's creation and the workings of the light in their domed empirical city. The book is rumored to be kept locked away in the library of the Ashtium palace. Its contents remain secret to the city dwellers and are only for the eyes of the empirical family to read. It is more importantly known for holding the secret to the city's source of light which other kingdoms and alien colonies seek to steal. 

Urkmink-most common fatty beetle found in the deserts of Ashta.

Larvitch-common small mosquito-like bug found flying around in Ashtium. 

Bathing Pool-also known as a "bathhouse". The Shelliv have a giant community one they share in the city of Ashtium. Families go there to bathe. Richer Shelliv can afford their own private ones to be built in their homes.

Baargi-a juicy red fruit shaped in an oval that drips when ripe. It is a rare plant that is expensive to grow in Ashtium due to its delicate skin that makes it bruise easily and rot quicker than most fruits.

The Enocrote-an exclusive gym-like facility used by the empirical guards to train and exercise in.

Hospice-an ancient hospital-like facility founded by the empirical empire of Ashtium. The facility is run by "The Sisters" who are believed to be the city's oldest women.

Harlong Kingdom-previously known as Ashtium's closest ally. They were catching up too quickly technology-wise to Ashtium and considered a threat so they were ransacked and destroyed without warning by Ashtium.

Kingdom of the South Sea-the kingdom controlling Ashta's only sea. They have loose ties with Ashtium.

Limpnut-small mouse-like creature with blue fur.

Treatch-wristlets, tattoos or piercings worn to show a status of power, wealth or marriage.

Bint Oil-an expensive substance vaporized and smoked through glass pipes and cylinders in the homes of the wealthy Shelliv. 

Noyk- small crib-like bed made to keep Shelliv children warm and comfortable while sleeping.

More terms to be added eventually as the story continues.

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