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"JULIET JANUARY BLACK" is a very strikingly pretty and less-than-popular seventeen-year-old SilverBlood at William Shakespeare High, and the daughter of Maximus Black, a widow who lost Juliet's mother, Myra in childbirth. Juliet not much for amusement and entertainment seeks comfort in her studies and writing even though she has the freedom to come and go as she pleases. Nary an idealist, Juliet has never been in love or ever cared to be in love until Romeo Stem Walker unexpectedly sweeps her off her feet. With her father and friends in total opposition of the forbidden relationship, Juliet is left battling her fight alone but not for long when Romeo's youngest sister, Flower becomes her only support in everything.

"ROMEO STEM WALKER" is a very handsomely intense looking, and presumably eighteen-year-old Immortal Guardian at William Shakespeare High, the first immortal son of demon Goddess, Lilith and Immortal God of Gods, Panthius, and the eldest brother to sisters Petal and Flower. Having been appointed a Guardian the majority of his life to keeping all the immortal of his peers in line, Romeo has never left any room for chance in friendship or in love for there had never been any chance as he is strictly forbidden by law to gambol with any immortal and mortal beneath him. Blinded by the aficionados of his demon Goddess mother who only spares Romeo's libido for others at her discretion, and under the incessant (and often times) watchful and overbearing eyes of his sisters who track the majority of his moves, Romeo unintentionally falls in love with Juliet January Black. With no one to confide in due to his recluseness, Romeo looks to two rival vampire classmates, Tristan Thomas and Tatum Chase who both become his brothers-in-arms.

"demon GODDESS LILITH" who according to Biblical counts, the Lilith, a deadly but dangerously beautiful woman was rumored to be Adam's first true wife, Eve. Due to domestic irreconcilable differences with Adam, Lilith took flight over the seas of Galilee to escape her matrimony. And when Lilith was summoned to return to Adam by the order of God, she refused. As punishment for abandoning her husband Adam and defying God's order, Lilith was punished, and her punishment consisted of the deaths of her first one hundred children born each day for the first one hundred days. On the one hundred and first day, after the last of her ten thousand children had been sacrificed for the glory of her freedom, Lilith fell in love with the immortal God Panthius whose dexterity superseded her own. In approbation with the idea of pro-creating a super-child to succeed all immortals in general with the immortal God, Lilith seduced Panthius. But because Panthius' seed was discriminative with whom it desired to pro-create, it recoiled from Lilith's ovulation. When Lilith attempted to seduce Panthius once more, Panthius refused.

With centuries quickly passing and determined to bear a child with the immortal God Panthius, Lilith transformed herself into a beautiful maiden peasant girl from the inside out. Having deceived and seduced Panthius successfully, Lilith, in the midst of midnight, flew away and hid amidst the eastern regions to avoid Panthius who set out a campaign to set her soul ablaze and to burn the children she betrayed him for. But all of Panthius's searching was to no avail as he failed and withered away in his death by his own hand.

Three quarters of a year later, beneath the highest of the sun's degree under a bush of beautiful thorned roses of red, Lilith simultaneously gave birth to the first three (and years to pass, of fifty living offspring) and the only offspring of Panthius, and proceeded to name thee Romeo Stem, Petal Stem and Flower Stem in honor of the one red rose that wept into her mouth to feed her thirst as she was in the perils of dying in childbirth; a token for the sin of all sin she bestowed onto herself.

As years passed, and more offspring born that of her loins, Lilith, having no place to put her offspring, took the immortal throne by overthrowing the immortal God Ezmose, brother to Panthius and assumed her position as the demon Goddess, and her offspring, the Immortal Guardians whom she eventually summoned throughout the world to protect the lesser immortals from destroying one another. And too keep her offspring monogamous to only that of their reign, Lilith cursed each of her offspring from all temptation unassociated with intermediate: The year was 1596.

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