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Did you ever wonder why we asked you to talk about your favourite Open Novella contestants and their stories? Well, hopefully, this page will make it apparent. As Ambassadors we enjoy being right at the heart of Wattpad and giving back to a community we care about, so it's so nice to be able to share these honorable mentions amongst you. 

Sadly we couldn't feature them all (we had loads of responses!), so we've picked some of our favourite shout outs as a snapshot of what the community is saying about your work. In the coming days, we'll share some snippets of what our judges are saying about your stories, too!

The Last Card by WinterSleep85

She created such a beautiful story about a Querent and a Reader, whose love story unfolded over the course of 22 years. She used the Major Arcane deck and provided both funny and very good explanations based on what they chose to see from the readings. The Querent is convinced he'll die, but keeps coming back, waiting for the cards and Reader to tell him otherwise. There's so much emotion in this story and it easily stood out as my favorite among the other entries. 

From Kaiddance

Moebius 2157 by Taivaan_Sininen

1. This writer not only crafted a fantastic story, but she has also been incredibly supportive to myself and so many others in the competition. She has been given the title of Brand and Product Development for Darkness Inc. for her innovativeness and engagement with my story. She definitely deserves a shout out. 

2. I think the author has a great voice, the decriptions are always enchanting and the book is overall well-paced. I admire the thought that was put behind the world the story takes place in and the way the reader is told about it. The writer herself is also very nice and dedicated to her story and her readers.

From HM_Braverman and Cara_White

Astrid by chainedinshadow

This writer, despite her young age, has an uncanny ability to express in words the world she's creating. Plus, her story is unique, never read something like what she's writing. Also, her characters are developing so nicely that I can feel what they feel when I read about them. She's scary good. And she deserves an honorable mention because of that. Besides, us potatoes rule!!

From eliyeda

A Hufflepuff's Loyalty by NDeMeer

I really enjoyed the different take on a Harry Potter fanfiction. I honestly never really gave too much thought to Hufflepuffs. (*Hangs head in shame*. I did retake the test after reading, and low and behold I'm a Hufflepuff, haha.) I like the idea that the main character Jenna found a family with the Death Eaters. To her they were better than the streets she used to live on. NDeMeer portrays her character Jenna's Hufflepuff loyalty, and the absolute grief and uncertainty she is experiencing because of the downfall of Voldemort, very well. I am excited to see how Jenna continues at Hogwarts. Will she fall in line, and become a 'good' Hufflepuff? Will she pretend and secretly look for her fallen comrades? It will be interesting to see how Jenna grows as a young woman who only knew the Death Eaters as the good guys. How she responds to the whole world around her, when everything she thought she knew might be wrong. As it has been said, "Every villain is a hero in his own eyes."

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