Episode 1 Part 1

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*Dionte gets out of the shower and heads to his room*

Dionte: *yawns and puts on some clothes* another night, another batch of boring *heads outside and starts walking to help wake himself up after a long day until I bumped into someone* oh sorry about that *looks to see it was the sheriff Bigby*

Bigby: it's fine and I never seen you around here before, you new?

Dionte: my name is Dionte Brando but some simply call me Dio and I know who you are Sheriff Bigby

Bigby: it's been while since we got someone new here in fable town *shakes my hand* nice to meet you

Dionte: likewise and you heading down to somewhere?

Bigby: some trouble is going on in a apartment nearby and if you want you can tag along

Dionte: I am half vampire so I can take on what's coming *we head to the apartment and go in to see a 3 foot toad*

Bigby: Mr Toad...

Toad: *hears him* shit... *Turns around to see us* Bigby! Listen, mate I know I don't look human. It's a problem, I get it *notices* and who's your new friend?

Dionte: I'm Dionte Brando or simply Dio by some

Toad: nice to meet you and only came out to see what drunken shit is going on

Bigby: look, no harm done... I'll give you a pass, but listen... If you can't afford to look human, you're going to the farm it's as simple as that

Toad: you can't send me to live with those animals...

Bigby: go see a witch, get a glamour

Dionte: a glamour? *Didn't know what he meant by that*

Bigby: it's a form of magic that fables like Mr Toad can use to look human when they go out in public

Dionte: oh ok and if I remember some like beast can transform at will

Bigby: yup that's right

Toad: sounds like he's got a lot to learn about fable town

Dionte: I suggest you get one yourself my green friend

Toad: do you know how it costs to get an entire family in glamour?

Bigby: then get it fixed. it's not that complicated toad. What ever it costs. It's worth it

Dionte: good thing I don't need glamour myself *chuckles*

Toad: *hears a window break and something falls* fucking hell! See. This is why I called you here sheriff. You just gonna stand there?

Bigby: *throws away his cigarette* we should probably go handle this *we head upstairs*

Toad: yes, please. Thank you

*As me and Bigby went upstairs we started to hear shouting and fighting*

Dionte: sounds like someone in there needs to be taught some manners *cracks my neck*

Bigby: you have no idea *knocks on the door but no answer so he knocks harder but still no answer*

Dionte: *opens it to see a bald man yelling at a girl* hm?

Man: goddamn you! *Slaps her*

Bigby: whoa, whoa, hey, hey! *Grips the man against a wall*

Girl: you got something on your face...

Man: fuck are you talking about you stupid cu--

Girl: *spits blood on his face*

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