Chapter 11

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I wake up to light beaming in my eyes.

I immediately scrunch my eyes tight to block it out. But it doesn't work.

I roll over to try and go back to sleep when I am shocked to see a sleeping man next to me.

Who is this?

As I thought that all the memories of last night come flooding back into my head.

But this still doesn't explain why Arden is next to me.

I sit up and move over to the other side of the cave waiting for him to wake up.

I use the stick from last night to just doodle on the ground.

"Ella come see my drawing!"

I walk over and notice two parents and two kids.

"It's our family" he says with a goofy smile, pointing to each one individually and telling me who is who.

"Let's go hang it on the fridge buddy"

I grab his hand with the picture and guide him to the fridge using a dinosaur magnet to hang it up.

My memory is short lived when i hear Arden move. I look over at him to see him staring at me, with confused eyes.

"Hello" i say, interrupting the silence.


"Do you... understand me?"

"Y... Yes"

I smile a little. I feel the slightest bit less lonely, knowing someone here can understand me. Even if its just a little bit.

"Where am i?"

"Near my people"

"Your people? There's more of you?" I ask shocked.

"Of course" with that he sits up rubbing his back.

I just stare in awe. There has been a hidden planet that we never even knew about, with organisms like us.

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