Chapter 1





The alarm went off, blasting in my ears. Most girls hear alarms and dread it because that's a new day of school that they have to go through and wait until it's over. But I am a girl that dreads it even more then those most girls.

Why. Because, that alarm does not mean I have to get up and go through another day of hard math problems, boring books, and boy problems.

No I heard that alarm because someone had broken into my military school.

Now that doesn't sound too bad, but in reality, it is. My military school is a Spy "military" school.

Here at my school, Walkers Academy, We are trained to go up in life after graduation, and work for CIA, or sometimes the FBI. My parents sent me here thinking I was too good for public school, and when they let me in this school, I was surprised to learn, that I am too good. I am going somewhere far in life, and my parents can't know. As far as they think, this is a military school for the better people.

"Lenie, come on," My best friend, Cay, short for Caylin, beckoned me.

"I'm coming, Cay, Ow! Remind me that next time we do this, we won't escape through the air vents," I said through clenched teeth.

"Shh," is all she said.

We continued crawling through the air vents, like this, scraping, cutting, and skinning ourselves.

I guess this is where you want some introductions. Well I am Lenayin, Lenie, Mesk. Codename; Curtain. That's my codename because I can hide things and lie really well. I am in my 12th year, and also my last here at WA. Everyone knows I am going to be a really good spy when I go into the field. My best friend, and only friend here at WA, because you can never trust anyone. I mean, sure I have other people I talk to, but Caylin is my only good friend. She is 17 like me and also a senior like me. She is one of the best spies I know besides myself . She can knock you out with one well placed kick. Her Mother is one of the only mothers that know the truth about our school, and her dad is head of the FBI. She wants to go CIA though, even though her dad offers her a spot.

As soon as I graduate, I have to die, in my parents eyes. So I get a new identity, and start my life in CIA territory. I know this will break my parents hearts, but I am meant for this job.

I guess your wondering why we are crawling through the vents while the alarm is going off. Well see, the person breaking in, is after us. Let's go back a few months, you can see why we are being hunted.


"O-mi-gosh! Look at how old our darlings have gotten!" Cay's mom, Carol, squealed.

"Yes, they are very mature, almost ready for the field," Her dad, Jack, Agreed.

"Mom! Dad! Stop!" Cay whined.

Carol ignored her.

"How are you Lenayin? She asked me.

"I'm great! It's a wonderful Christmas we are having!" I have always loved Carol and Jack.

"Oh I know!" She Squealed.

"Why don't you guys go get hot chocolate and go ice skating or something, be normal girls for the holidays!" Jack suggested.

I looked at Cay and shrugged. We both knew they just wanted us out of here so they could talk.

Ok," Cay said joyfully.

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