Character Bio

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Name: Dionte Brando

Age: 18 Years old

Nicknames: Prince or Dio

Race: Half vampire/Half human

Hair color: Blonde

Eye color: Silver

Abilities: Enhanced senses, space ripper stingy eyes, high-level regeneration, vaporization freezing technique, super strength, super agility, and blood sucking

(Stand name: The World Over Heaven

Stats)Power: ?Speed: ?Range: ?Durability: ?Precision: ?D

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Power: ?
Speed: ?
Range: ?
Durability: ?
Precision: ?
D. Potential: ?

Abilities] Super strength/senses/speed/precision- The World Over Heaven possesses phenomenal strength, senses, and incredible speed.

Reality overwrite - The World Over Heaven gains the new signature godlike power to overwrite reality, allowing Dionte to rewrite virtually anything in time. The potential extent of this ability appears to be limitless, as this power can be used to rewrite the existence of anything he wants, steal/absorb souls and use them as slaves, heal himself, resurrect the dead and completely negate almost any defense that the series has to offer. However, this power is eventually revealed to suffer from a major limitation: it can only be initiated through The World Over Heaven's fists, meaning that the Stand would have to punch something in order to rewrite it.

Time stop - It still features The World's signature power is its ability to stop time, allowing only itself, Dionte and anyone with the same power, to act within the duration of stopped time.

In the stopped time, Dionte can move his own body freely along with any object he touches that he wishes to move, allowing him to strike his defenseless enemies, move to a superior position, and toy with his victims. The objects that Dionte throws can momentarily move during stopped time before stopping, thus a flurry of thrown knives could fly for several meters before stopping near his target.

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