Chapt.13 - Doubts

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"So uh... Shall we continue the game?" Rubble asks. "Uhm. Sure, Rocky, you throw the ball for now" Chase says, giving the mixed bred dog the ball.

They were all relatively worried for their female Cockapoo friend. They all hoped that whatever's going on with Skye, Chase could crack the code. I mean... He's a police dog! It's pretty much his thing to solve mystery cases like this.

The Ran Away Case!

"Hey Skye" he started. Skye looked up from her paws "Chase?" She asks, still stiff from her laying position. As she watched the German Shepherd lay beside her, outside her doghouse, he laid down there.

"Why'd you run away?"

Skye looked down to hee paws and stared at them. As if they would help her answer his interrogation. "I... Don't know" she muttered.

The male pup titlted his head in confusion "You don't know?" He repeated, still confused of why she doesn't know.

She sighs and closes her eyes "I really don't know why I left. Crazy huh?" As a chuckle escapes her lips.

Chase laughs for a second "Heh. Yeah. Crazy..." then he continues "But no. Really. What are you feeling?"

"Maybe telling me how you feel would help us to figure out why you left?" He encourages her, as he gave her that same smile she saw.

It made her melt in the inside, but she didn't realize that. She jusy simply got lost in his chocolate brown eyes.

That tells an unspoken story.

"I can't seem to woof it out... What is this feeling?" Skye asks herself. But she seems she couldn't put a paw on the right word...

But as she just kept her train of thought filled with fuel. She completely forgot she had locked her eyes on the pup outside.

"Skye?" He asks, as he couldn't seem to catch her attention "GAH!" She yelled, as she hit the roof of her house "Ow..." she muttered, rubbing her head.

"Ah! Skye! Are you okay? Did it hurt you too much? Should I call Ryder and Marshall? Oh my gosh! I'm sorry I shocked you!!" Then Chase whimpers and hides his eyes with his front paws.

Cute. She thought, she placed her tiny paws on his "That's sweet of you Chase. But I'm good" she replies, as if nothing had happened to her.

Chase heard this, so he removed one of his oaw to peek "Are you... Sure? Y'know, I don't need sympathy if deep inside, you're not really okay" as he began to whimper.

This just made the Cockapoo giggle "It's true Chase, I'm all fine" then she gave him that warm and reassuring smile.

Her smile had crept into his soul, illuminating his within, making him smile involuntarily.  "You're such an amazing pup Skye..." he whispered carelessly.

"U-uhm...What?" Skye says, making her a little jumpy. Then reality hit Chase like a truck. No... More like three trucks hit him.

He had realized what he had said. "I-I MEAN LIKE IN A GOOD WAY! L-LIKE A COMPLIMENT AS A FRIEND Y'KNOW! HAHAHA..."

But Skye just shushed him "It's fine, hehe! You can calm down now..." then placed her head on his paw.

Chase felt his temperature rise up to the roof. Probably even breaking the thermometer if it was placed on him.

But then, he slowly calmed himself down. Then when he had looked upon his pup friend, who's lying down on his paws... He had completely calmed down.

He was so calm, that she was like a lullaby, that it had put him to sleep. There was no other comfortable way to sleep, and he doesn't want to wake her up.

Instead, he just placed his head on top of her. It may be just morning. But he couldn't help but to drift away to dreamland with her.

✧༝┉┉┉┉┉˚*❋ ❋ ❋*˚┉┉┉┉┉༝✧

"Chase? Chase?" Then hus eyes fluttered open. "H-huh?" He muttered, as he opens the window of his soul, to see Rocky and Marshall.

Their faces were undefined, he couldn't reall tell what their emotions were. "Sleeping with Skye?" Marshall asks "In the morning?"

Rocky and Marshall began to laugh "What's so funny about that?" He asks, getting confused. "Oh nothing really. It's just, making up excuses to snuggle with her" Rocky teased, laughing still.

"U-uhm..." Chase stuttered, speechless of what to say, he slowly removed his paw from Skye. Which he did it successfully.

Chase looked at them with an unamused look. Which only made the laughter grew noisier and hearty.

He couldn't stop them, so he just rolls his eyes. "Chase, you gotta admit you like her" Marshall says, wiping his tear away.

"I-is it that obvious?! I-i mean... No I don't like her!" He says, trying to avoid contact. He hears his two friends snicker, he groans "Well. Whether I like her or not... I don't think she likes me back though" he remarked.

"I wont be so suwe about that" Zuma spoke, as he was walking towards to the group with Rubble. Then the five male pups moved away from Skye's house to allow her to have a peaceful sleep.

Every pup got curious of what Zuma just had said "What do you mean?" Chase asks. "Well, ever since we've started to do missions. She kinda became blue, but kept denying it"

Chase's face had darkened upon hearing it "I... Never noticed..." he muttered. Concerned faces formed on the other pups' faces. "Well. Of course she wouldn't show that to you. Since you were there"

But Chase refused to accept that he was the reason she was sad "No. It can't be. Maybe someone else is on her mind. Like her... Previous owner, Olivia"

"How could you be so sure about that?" Rubble questions, the German Shepherd sighs "If I was to be her reason. Then she should have told me about it"

Rocky nods his head sorrowfully "Girls can be secretive with their feelings Chase, they're not like us."

Chase pretended that he understood. Although, he wasn't still sure about it. He wanted to hear it from Skye's own words. Not from any pup.

They may be bribing him into actually believing Skye likes him. "I'm going to have a talk to her later night..." he thought.

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