“Kyaaahhhh!!!!!” Misty shrieked on the top of her f-cking lungs. Tss. Why do I have a sibling like her? Masyadong maingay. I just shook my head on the thought. I sat down next to her on the couch. I just dropped by our house to visit my little sister by the way for I suddenly missed her.


“Ang ingay mo naman, Misty. Stop shrieking, will you?” I said while covering my ears.

She pouted and folded her arms across her chest, “Namiss lang naman kita kuya eh! It’s been a while since the last time you visited this house.” She leaned forward a bit, smiling like an idiot at me while batting her lashes, “Tell me, Kuya, why the sudden visit? What’s up with you?”

I looked away and faked a laugh, “Nothing. I’m just in the mood to visit .. ah, correction! Visit you and not this fcking house.” I retorted. Matagal na nga akong hindi dumadalaw dito. Wala lang, I just don’t feel the aura in here. If I’m going to visit Misty, I’d rather fetch her in school than going straight in here.

She faked a laugh and pointed her index finger on my cheek. What the hell?

“Kuya Kuya Kuya! You have a light mood today.”

Tinabig ko lang yung kamay niya at hinila siyang patayo, “Tss. I’m just happy. Just don’t ruin it. C’mon, I’ll be your wallet for today. Let’s go to the mall..” 

“AAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!”Sh*t, ayan na naman yang tili niya. “Kuya, is that you? Really really you?!!! Anong meron? Bakit ganyan ka na kung ngumiti?!? After 2 long years------“

“I’m just happy and inspired because of----“ I didn’t continue what I am about to say. I realized, why am I having this kind of conversation with Misty? =______=

“Eeehhpppppp!!! Because you’re inlove!!!!! Kyaahhhhh!!!! I can see it! I can see it in your eyes, in your smile!!! Waaaaahhh!!!!” Misty shrieked again. Umakyat siya sa kama niya at nagtatatalon. Napailing nalang ako sa kanya, what’s the big deal of me being inlove anyway??

Napansin ko nalang nang bigla siyang tumigil sa kakatili at umupo na siya. She looked at me suspiciously and arched her eyebrows. In just a snap, her reaction changed.  “Kuya, the question is with whom?” She asked sounded like a mature girl. Talking like a mature lady doesn’t f-cking suit her. -_-

“Misty, it doesn’t suit you. Snap back, will you?” I said as I approached her. I was about to pull her wrist again but then she threw tantrums at me.

“Uwaahhh! Di pwede! Di pwede! Di pwede!” Sigaw niya habang binabato ako ng unan.

“Ah, f—fck! Hey! Stop it!” Tumigil naman siya pero tinignan niya ako ng masama. “What the hell is wrong with you?”

“Kuya! Si Ate Gail lang! Siya lang dapat. I only like Ate Gail to be my sister-in-law. I don’t like anybody else! Hindi ko ituturing na pamangkin ang magiging anak mo sa ibang babae!” She placed her hands on both sides of her waist and rounded her eyes like she’s threatening me. 

Napakamot nalang ako ng ulo ko. I don’t get what she was trying to say.

“Ayoko nalang mag-shopping, Kuya.” Malungkot niyang sabi at umupo na sa couch. Nagbasa nalang siya ng magazine kaso parang t*nga lang… nakabaliktad ito.

Umupo ako sa tabi niya at inakbayan siya, “C’mon, I might change my mind,” I said smiling. Minsan lang akong maglambing sa kapatid ko.

“Tsk. I don’t care,” she said as she rolled her eyes.

BOOK1: Accidentally Inlove With A Gangster [Published under Pop Fiction]Basahin ang storyang ito ng LIBRE!