Chapter 3 Not so secret wonders

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Chapter 3 Not so secret wonders

"Night Lucy!" Susan said kissing Lucy's forehead as she got into bed beside her sister. Lucy was sound asleep so Susan eventually decided to leave her sister be to go for a wonder, she thought it was too hot weather to be asleep. She shut the door silently but as soon she did so Lucy opened her eyes quickly, grinning mischievously. She then tip toed out of bed and put her dressing gown on. Lucy didn't feel the hot weather like her sister did and she knew that the castle corridors were a lot cooler at night.

She opened the door and peered her head out and looked both ways. She saw her sister walking but she wasn't going to follow her alone, she tie toed to the opposite room to get her good friend... Ginny. She was asleep and she soon woke up when Lucy put a hand over her mouth. It made Ginny jump so much she nearly fell on the floor.

"Lucy what do you want?" Ginny asked opening one eye, she was very tired.

"Well, my sister is up on her own at night and I want to know why, so we're going to spy on her!" Lucy said grinning and raising her eye brows.

"Lucy Pevensie you are very naughty sometimes!" Ginny whispered getting out of bed, the both grinning at each other.

"We have to be careful not to wake the others!" Ginny whispered looking at the two girls asleep.

"Right quickly and quietly off we go!" Lucy order getting ready to go.

"You don't need that!" Lucy said as Ginny picked up her dressing gown.

"Put you have yours on!" Ginny pointed out.

"Fine grab it and let's go!" Lucy said grabbing Ginny's hand and dragging her out the room while Ginny was atempting to put on her dressing gown on. When they came out into the corridor a blonde haired little girl was rubbing her eyes.

"Izzie what are you doing at this hour walking around the castle?" The girls asked quickly.

"I could say the same about you!" Izzie said.

"Well err..." The girls said trying to think of some excuse.

"You tell me the truth or else I will tell everyone tomorrow that you two were out of their beds all night!" Izzie said angerly.

"How about you? Hey and keep your voice down or else you will have to explain to everyone why we're arguing too." Lucy said. Ginny and Lucy nodded at each other.

"Right we are following lucys sister, Susan because She's on her own walking around the castle now, she's up to something!" Ginny said and they all looked in the obbosite direction to find Susan walking away from them now with Caspian. They tip toed after them trying to listen to there conversation. They waited round a corner listening.

"Something about, the white witch, something about danger, something about help, something about love!" Lucy said trying to listen to the conversation.

"Is this classed as eavesdropping?" Izzie asked as they carried on walking.

"Well, yes." Lucy said. Little did they know that two children was behind them watching the girls every move it was stupid really that no one noticed the were being followed until a older wiser man decided the whole thing was stupid and must be ended At once.

"You children should stop playing games and go to bed!" Snapped an angry man.

"What?" Said a confused Caspian turning round and looking confused.

Lucy how dare you..." Susan shouted.

"Edmund!" Lucy shouted.

"Harry?" Said a confused Ginny.

"Professor?"Harry said confused.

"Me!" Yelled Izzie.

"What are you all doing Ar this time of night?"Dumbledore asked exapectimg a answer.

"Well I was talking privately to Caspian."Susan said annoyed.

"Well I followed them two!" Izzie said as Lucy and Ginny frowned.

"We were following them." Ginny said as she pointed at caspian and Susan.

"Did you know its rude to point." Izzie whispered.

"You know what I don't care anymore." Ginny whispered.

"Why are we whispering?" Izzie said Lucy started grinnimg but Ginny was trying to look serious and ended up laughing they all laughed apart from Dumbledore, Caspian and Susan.

"Well we were wondering what the girls were.doing and followed them!" Edmund said smiling.

"That just leaves you then professor what were you doing?" Izzie asked smiling.

"That doesn't matter anymore just go to bed all of you now we'll talk about this in the morning!" Dumbledore yelled. They were on their way going back to bed after dumbledore had gone when they cam across some little creatures.

"Harry Potter and friends went this way!" Dobby said.

"No fool this way!" Kreaher said grumpily.

"No I'm pretty sure they went this way!" Reepichief said.

"Hi guys what are you doing?" Izzie asked bending down to the little creatures.

"Oh here they are."Reepichief said.

"Well now let's go to bed now!" Kreacher snapped.

"Goodnight dobby!" Harry said.

"Sweat dreams Reepichief!" Lucy said.

"Sleep well Kreacher!" Izzie said. And at the end of their not so secret wonder everyone went to bed as tired as they were.


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