Let's meditate

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We approached the large gate of what looked like a dark guild,

"Wait what kind of a job are we on?" I asked Sting who was holding my hand to keep me from punching one of the five twerps next to Yukino. .

"We're getting rid of a low classed dark guild" Lector said clearly proud that he remembered.

"Can you just close your big mouth before you get us caught" Lisanna said, with the most amount of hatred possible.

"SHUT UP" Rouge said,

"I won't let you talk to my guild mate like that, now or ever!" Rouge exclaimed really pissed off now.

"And I won't let you talk to ours like that, and also I recommend dropping the 'she's a proud sabertooth guild member, becau-"

He was interrupted by Sting throwing him against a tree,

"I would recommend you shut up before you die!"

"I knew this was a bad idea" I mumbled only so Yukino could hear it.

"Let's get this over with" I said striding toward the dark ominous gates, I yanked them open and blew the door open in one shot.

"That's hot." Said a very sarcastic voice behind me.

"Shut up. Natsu, you've been really pissing me off ever since you got here. So could just like, fuck off?" I said dryly while i threw a glare at him.

I heard him grumble some nonsense then he headed off to find Lisanna. At least that's what he said to Grey.

"Eavesdrop much?"

"He's kinda loud ya know, and also why would you care about the pyro?"

"Heh, I never said I care. Just that your bitching around fairy tail."

"Bitching around? That's what you call me telling Natsu to fuck off?" I replied 'slightly' aggravated.

"Yeah, you don't tell fairy tail what to do."

Then all of a sudden Rouge comes out of nowhere and punches Grey in the stomach.

"Looks like you need some meditation. You should go reflect on your actions."

"What are you, Buddha?" Answered Grey obviously hurt but not giving in.

"No, but I'm pretty sure Sting might be."

"I can hear you ya know!" Yelled Sting.

"Whatever lets go. You guys can go make out- I mean make up somewhere else." Said Lucy through giggles.

Yukino was laughing her head off while they walk into the gates.

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