dating dante would include

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this was inspired a lot by AndMarcia , go check out her book <3

• The two of you filming each other all the time

"y/n, baby say hi!"
"Dante, this is the 5th time you've posted me to your instagram in the space of 2 minutes"

• him having a key to your house and always being able to come in.

the two of you have a passcode as well. just so you know it's him. if he doesn't knock before he opens the door, you know it's one of your parents

• doing his hair

let's be honest, i think we ALL wanna play with Dante's hair. aw. anyways you'd just sit there for hours on end playing or braiding his hair. he pretends he hates it, but secretly adores it.

• making youtube videos

the two of you are stupid together, so you love recording cringy and silly challenges, but never actually posting them. they're like little keepsakes, which you both look through when you're bored

• your family loving him

dante being the charmer he is, your parents and siblings (if you have any) LOVED his humour and his love towards you. they invite him everywhere

"honey, we're going to the cinema tomorrow, do you wanna invite Dante?"
"already on it"

• letting everyone know you're his

Dante isn't exactly the jealous type, but he loves showing you off around his friends. he'd always kiss you in front of them and have his arm around you all the time.

• him being your photographer

when you two were walking around, he'd always take candid photos of you. like when you two visited a local cafe, he got a photo of you smiling away, holding your drink. little did you know as one of your birthday gifts he made a photo book for you

• wearing his hoodies

now, this was a must for you. every night you stayed at Dante's you always had one of his hoodies on. he acted annoyed but loveddddd seeing you wearing his clothes, he thought you looked really really hot. you always slept in them to, because they smelt like him.

• movies

the two of you would try and pull all-nighter-movie-marathons. wether it be marvel or disney or dc the two of you would always fall asleep and wake up with some random ass movie on in the background

• both starring in the umbrella academy

that's how the two of you became friends! he was on the younger cast when you played one of the main characters, who went into the apocalypse with Five. it also meant you got to spend more time with him on set, so it was fun to get to know him when you weren't shooting

• kissing

as carefree and funny as your relationship was, you two had a LOT of makeout sessions. after he 'accidentally' left a mark on your neck and you went to set, meaning everyone saw, he does it now to annoy you. plus, he thinks it's hot (and even though it gets on you nerves, so do you). he can let everyone know your his girl.

• live-streams

there are a lot of those. it's become a little tradition, you live stream every friday. your fans love seeing you and dante happy with each other and they love how you're both memes and make everyone laugh. the comments that come through are always supportive

• mukbangs with the cast

now this is just a funny one but you basically all just squeeze into Edens car and go to taco bell or mcdonald's or just somewhere and order a shit ton of fast food. since there are a lot of you and her car isn't that big it normally results in you sitting on dante's lap but hey ho.

• netflix and (pg) chill

friday nights normally consist of the two of you at one or the others house, sitting in bed watching netflix or whatever's on. sometimes it's on my block, brooklyn nine nine, or youtube (you got him hooked on emma chamberlain) and you two just cuddle and eat random sweets

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