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"thank you! enjoy your drink, sir." i smiled at him as he took the beverage away from the counter.

i worked as a part-timer in a cafe, mostly selling coffees and cakes.

uraraka introduced the job to me, and now we're standing at the counter to serve customers.

"yun hee... i am tired..." she buried her face against my shoulder. i sighed, wiping the glass and put it on the shelves.

as a university student, we didn't have a choice, aren't we? always lack of money to buy stuff and ended up,

not buying anything.

uraraka sighed again and stood up, as another customer had gone in front of the counter.

she looked up and make eye contact with a certain green-haired boy, and,

here she is, standing there and not saying a word, it's like she was deaf or something, idk.

and somehow the realization hits my senses-

i smacked her head and she was snapped back to reality, the boy just smiled and ordered his beverage.

i know uraraka too well.

"so it's that the guy? that you always talk about-" and she quickly covered my mouth.

"...yeah, he studied the same course as me..." she blushed and glanced over to him again. well, he was not that bad...but not my cup of tea-

broadcasting is uraraka's major, from what i had heard from her, he was excellent in everything, including sports.

just that, his face was a little bit nerdy, no offence.

oh yunhee someone said that you are a nerd too-

"what's his name again?" i asked her while she was giving the beverage to her crush, she quickly turned around and covered my mouth, again.

"!! yun hee!!!! he was still there you know?!"

when the guy went out,  she sighed and said, " his name is midoriya."

"you should probably get to know him, you guys studied the same course!"

"well...i...i don't know..."

"what do ya mean you dunno? just ask him for his phone number!" i smacked her back playfully.

"yes yes yes i will try! stop bullying me!"


i glanced on my watch, it was already 9:45 pm.

uraraka went for her friend's birthday party, so i was alone on the bus right now, taking a ride to my home.

i sighed, taking out my earphones and listen to music, and i accidentally fall asleep...

"hey, young girl! get out now! this is the last ride!!!!" the bus driver yelled at me and i quickly jumped out from the seat.

great, i need to walk for like another 15 minutes because i fucking overslept and didn't realize i had missed the stop, shit-

the road was dark and i was scared, i walked faster and accidentally bumped into a man, who was drunk, oh-

"heyyyyyyyyy..." he put his hand on my shoulder and whispered to my ear, " do you want to have some funnnn...."

fucking disgusting.

i pushed him away and suddenly, somebody yanked my hand.

"tch. stupid nerd." i turned around and saw bakugou, wait! what the hell? why is he here???

"don't fucking come to this place, ever again, you hear me?!" he looked at me angrily.

is he always like this? i just don't know why he was angry all the time...

"why did you come here? even you said this place is fucking disgusting." i walked beside him and he frowned, "buying groceries, got a problem with that?"



"i will walk you home."

why he was calm all of a sudden?! and he looks more handsome when his expression was soft... what the hell yunhee- chill girl


i looked at him, and he was blushing again. 


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