Chapter twenty 2/3

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Forty minutes later, sleep still hadn’t found me. I went downstairs to get some water, went to the toilet and grabbed my earplugs. When I was upstairs again, I grabbed some socks and went back to bed, turning on some music as I did so. I wanted something calm but nice, so decided on Always by Panic! at the Disco, one of my favorite bands. I rested my head on my pillow, and closed my eyes, trying to sleep.

But I couldn’t. I checked the time, it was half past one, and I felt my thoughts drift off to Tyler again. I grabbed my phone from under my pillow and opened the texting app. First I read part of my conversations with Tyler, and then I decided to text Zoey and Audrey.

[Jenna @ Chicken Nuggets] “heyy. do you guys remember my friend, Tyler?”

[Zoey:] “The skinny boy? From the party?”

[Jenna:] “Yeah, that’s him.”

[Audrey:] “oh yeah, what’s up with him?’

[Zoey:] “Lol, don’t tell me he tried to kiss you :’D pls”

[Jenna:] “…no…”

[Jenna:] “I think I like him. A lot. Might be in love with him…”

[Audrey:] “aww, Jen, how great for you :)”

[Zoey:] “aw :)”

[Jenna:] “:)”

[Zoey:] “So, whatcha gonna do? Does he like you?”

[Jenna:] “I don’t know, I don’t think he does.”

[Audrey:] “hmm, okay. But look at the bright side.”

[Jenna:] “…what bright side… there’s a bright side?”

[Zoey:] “Why do ya think he doesn’t like yu?”

[Zoey:] “Au, do you mean what I think you mean… lol”

[Jenna:] “well, today he said he really liked me… and he was sooooo happy we were friends.”

[Audrey:] “lol Zoey, perhaps”

[Zoey:] “maybe he’s gay Jen ;)”

[Jenna:] “dude…”

[Zoey:] “Admit it, Jen. He’s not the manliest lol”

[Audrey:] “Well, bright side: there are many, many others to fall for. Strong, cute, handsome, manly guys. Ya feel me?”

[Jenna:] “Could you guys please stop insulting the person I like?”

[Zoey:] “Jen, chill out hahaha :’)”

[Audrey:] “hahaha ikr’

[Zoey:] “aren’t we a little bit right tho?’

[Jenna:] “Really guys, thank you so much for your advice and all that… goodnight and sleep well.”

[Audrey:] “Jenna are you mad now? Wtf hahaha”

[Zoey:] “srsly… okay then…”

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