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I looked down at my hands. They were still kind of hot. I pressed my hands to the ground, and grabbed the soil. It felt odd, but soothing. A cool, sort of liquid metal. It felt hard, but soft at the same time. I placed my feet on the small patch I had grabbed and pulled. I shot into the air, the ground rumbling beneath my feet. I jumped off, pulling the ground back and jerking it upward to give myself more power in the jump. I flew across the lawn. I made it to the actual UA building and I attached myself to the wall. I darted up it, making small platforms on my way up. I reached the roof and a strong gust of wind blew my hair back. I stood there, looking over the city lights. I grinned. I knew what I wanted to feel. I had to feel it, to forget all that has happened. I ran forward. I neared the edge. I jumped. 

Air flew past my face as I watched the ground grow closer. I rotated myself in the air, so that I was falling backward. Impossible to survive this, yes? No. I felt the exhilarating fear, I heard my blood pumping in my ears. I felt alive. I shot my hand up, using Manipulate at a distance. I grabbed hold of one of the other buildings, strung it toward me, and, right before I hit the ground, flew back up into the air. I repeated this until all heat, anger, sadness, left my body. All I felt was.. I felt happy. I was so, so happy. I hadn't had this much freedom in months, and it felt good to flex my joints and muscles. Muscles I had collected from vigorous, painful training with the villains. I did a lap around a few blocks. It was close to curfew. I flew towards the dorm building, landing neatly infront of it. I knew my hair was crazy as I entered. Katsuki shot up from his spot. "Yana, I-- I am so sorry." He started muttering. He still looked pissed. As if he was forced into apologizing. I stopped. I tilted my head back, and looked him straight in the eye. "Don't lie to me. I hate liars. Little lies that mean nothing, I get. But lies like that? Big lies that play big parts in lives? I hate them. If you ever have a true, honest apology for me, I'll be in my room until tomorrow's classes. Then after that, I'm busy." I said, turning my back to him, and going to my room. I switched on the light. I turned up the speed on the fan, and looked at the floor. Katsuki had left his phone when he fell. I grabbed it, and slid it under my door with a sticky note attached to the screen. 'Leave it in here again, I'll Manipulate it into a little Katsuki. With a motor that screams uselessly on repeat. ~Yanagi'

I grinned to myself. I could actually do that to his phone if I wanted. I could control anything I wanted with my newfound abilities. I put some baby powder infront of the door so I'd know if someone came in, then I switched off the light, and fell onto my bed. I stared into the darkness. It was uneasy, but also comforting at the same time. I fell asleep almost instantly. 

I woke the next morning to the smell of baby powder. No footprints. He hadn't come to apologize. Which means he wasn't sorry. I sighed, changed into my uniform, and headed to classes. His phone was gone, which meant he had come by, but he only took the phone. Katsuki stared at me all day, his face full of apology around me, but it was angry around everyone else. Like the usual Katsuki.

After classes, I was kind of tired. So I went out and got some coffee. Black. Bitter, how I like it. I like anything bitter, and very little things that are sweet. I chugged it down, hardly tasting it. I popped a mint into my mouth right after, and started walking around. I grew bored quickly, so I went back to the dorms. I launched into the air, not going as far as I wanted, but far enough. I landed in the lawn, and walked toward the door. I heard yelling inside. Not unusual.. I entered, and it wasn't Katsuki yelling. Shouto was yelling at Katsuki. "You are such an IDIOT! Can't you see? Are you blind!? She's genuinely upset! She cares about us! About you, although I cannot see why! So, if you tell her that she did the wrong thing, she will think she doesn't have enough to be a hero!" He screamed. I saw small flames on his shoulder, along with ice particles crawling up his arm. I made a box around him before he could harm anyone. I stalked over, angry now. I grabbed Katsuki's arm. I didn't look at him, I just moved him out of my way. "What the hell, Yana!?" He screamed. "Shut. Up." I spat. I normally never swear.. Or I rarely do. He went silent. I got rid of the box, and Shouto lunged at me. I dodged and let him hit the wall. "Oh." He said. I wrapped my arms around him, and he went still. "It's alright. Don't yell at anyone on behalf of me. I can handle it." I said, letting him go. "I can do it. On my own." I said, turning. I glanced at Katsuki. I clucked my tongue, and walked right past him. He reached for my arm. I threw up a wall. "If you can't even face me and apologize like a man, you don't deserve anything from me." I said. Once the wall went down, he grabbed me, twisting me around. I fought against him. He held firm to my wrists. "I care deeply about you Yana, that's why I couldn't apologize. My care for you got in the way of my reason. I'm sorry, I know you did nothing wrong. I am so, so sorry." He said. I broke. I let the tears flow. "You are such an idiot." I sobbed. He brought me to his chest, and I placed my fists on his chest. Shouto slowly rubbed my back. "Kacchan, you made a girl cry. If it wasn't in a good way, I would punch you." Izuku said, and I chuckled. I pulled away, and wiped my face. "Trust me, Izuku, I was so close to punching him." I said, reaching up and placing my fist on Katsuki's nose. "Right there." I smiled. "Oh please, you can't hurt me." He said. I raised an eyebrow, and threw a punch right in the middle of his chest. He grunted, and gasped for air. I tilted my head at him. "Oh please, that hurt alot, huh?" I said. He got up, grinning. "It's on." He said. He lunged at me. I didn't move. Right before he hit me in my face, I ducked down and he hit the ground. "Fighting isn't all about the acutal hits. It's about dodging and evading hits, and striking at the right times." I said. He dove for my feet. "Also about knowing a bit about the human body in order to issue pain." I said, jumping onto his chest. I pinned his hands down, putting pressure on his wrists. I dug my knee into his chest.

"I win."

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