Chapter Two

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He squinted his eyes at me as he furrowed his brows.

"What about Brit?"

"Its nothing bad. I just wanted to know a bit more about her. She's seems like a cool chic. And before you ask NO I'm not looking to go after her." His face relaxes and he lets out a sigh.

"You want to know about the scar right?" I nodded slowly.

"Let me start off by telling you this. She's always had like this virtue thing where she wanted to stay pure until after marriage. Like you know, not lose her virginity. Well, six years ago, when she was in highschool, the whole thing was to lose your virginity. Brit was a quiet type person who just wanted to get her studies done. She of course...always had to keep a smile on her face. But that, i can't tell you about that." He paused a minute.

"Don't get me wrong when i say this but even Matt and me think Brittany is beautiful. I'm not trying to be weird since she's my sister but...people would take that for granted with her. Every single guy that tried to be friends with her, just wanted to have sex with her. She never let them. She was smart and knew how to get out of thos situations. But there was one she didn't. One of her friends pulled her into a party. She didn't want to go but she didn't want to be rude. Well, at the party, a lot of people were drunk and of course she tried to push them off. But one guy got really pissed off. She was standing in the wromg place, at the wrong time. When he took the knife, and sliced it across her face."

Holy shit. The guys started walking in as he finished.

Brittany POV

Today, Matt wanted me to hang out with him and his band. Said he wanted to catch up a bit. I grabbed my bathing suit and put it in my bag. I then grabbed my keys and left.

I arrived at Matts place and there was already five other cars. Thank god Matt has a big driveway. I find a place to park, and then headed up to the door. The second i knocked, a man taller than me answered. He was only wearing swimming trunks and he also had a large mohawk.

"You Matt's little sister?" I smiled and nodded. He let me in and i saw Matt on the couch.

"Hey Brit. You brought your bathing suit right?"

"Duh." He rolled his eyes playfully at me, laughing a bit.

"I'm gonna go change!" I said while walking off to the bathroom. I got out my bathing suit and stripped off all my clothes.

Damn it

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Damn it. The fucking thing doesn't fit well around the chest. I started to get irritated as i was trying to adjust it, so i doesn't show every damn inch of my tits. Oh my god this is so fucking embarrassing! For fucks sake i don't want my brother to see this. I opened the door slightly and stuck my head out.

"Matt!" I yelled. He came up to the door.


"Can you lend me a shirt? The bathing suit doesn't fit too well around the...chest." he snickered.

"I'm sure it's not that bad." I stepped out and he opened his eyes wide.

"Yeah no one is seeing my sister like this, I'll be right back." He said and ran upstairs. I laughed. He finally came back down with a white My Darkest Days shirt. He's so stupid sometimes, white is literally going to show everything. He handed it to me and i slipped it on. It went down to my thighs but it seemed kind of thin.

He led me back to the pool where the guys already were and swimming. The pool is of course huge.

"Oh i guess i forgot to introduce you to everyone. This is Sal, Doug, Reid, and Brendan." He said, pointing to each one of them. I waved my hand, smiling. They all gave me a nod or a wave. Matt first slips in and then i do. We all have a lot of fun. We goof around, laughing our damn asses off. We decided to play a pull game called 'Chicken'. Its where there are two teams, and you have to get on someone's shoulders. Then you try to wressle with the other person on the other persons shoulders. That probably made 0 sense. Sal got on Dougs shoulders and i got on Matt's. We were all a laughing mess.

I grabbed Sals hands, trying to push him off of Doug. He pushed my chest, no should i say my breast, and i almost fell over.

"Aye! No touching the girls!" I yelled while laughing. Matt slapped my thigh, laughing as well. Sal gave me a weird look, but then also burst into laughter. Soon enough, i was able to push Sal off. I jumped off of Matt and back into the water.

We swam and messed around for hours. It started to get a bit late so we got out to get some food. I peeled Matts shirt off of me and set it on the table, putting a towel around me instead.

"I ordered pizza." Matt said as he hung up the phone.

We all sat by the pool when the pizza got here. I slipped my feet in the pool while most of the guys sat at the tables. After everything was cleaned up and i had finished eating, i decided to go home. Matt came up to me, squeezing me in a tight hug.

"Be safe ok?" I nodded and waved the other guys goodbye.

The next day i woke up to my phone going off. It was an unknown number but i didn't care.


"Hey Brittany. Its Neil." I rubbed the sleep out of my eyes as i sat up. How did he get my number?

"Oh hey Neil. What do you need?" I asked as i yawned.

" i was kinda wondering if you uh...hang out some time?"

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